Creation Rules

Creation Rules

Okay, so lets set some things straight
Chapter 1

Everyone is starting at level 5, representing your preveious experience as a trainer.

Point buy
Distribute 74 points between your stats as you like, as long as no attribute is over a 16 and under 6. This is not including the attribute increase for levels 1-5.

Everyone starts with 5 pokeballs, 2 great balls, 3 potions, 1 status restore medicine of your choice (IE, antidote, paralyz heal, etc) 1 piece of equipment required to enter your chosen advanced class, a pokedex set to your home region and 500 pokeyen.

Starting Pokemon
As experienced, even if technically in some cases, trainers you will start out with two level 10 pokemon of your choice, or take your chance in this new region and recieve two starter pokemon from the regions professor.

Applications go in their own threads in the Application Thread Group.

A special Note
I would like the potential applicants to find a song, be it an OST from a game, movie or show or something you'd find on the radio, that fits your character. It'll help me see what kind of person your character is.

Chapter 2: A note on character creation

There are several classes that have special requirements to be forfilled prior to joining those classes. Due to the increased starting level, the cases are as followed.

Ace Trainer
Chaser: As part of your background, you may have a pokemon you were attempted to catch get away.
Enduring Soul: Pretty easy, you most likely got your butt kicked in your background.
Stat Ace: the requirement of having a pokemon with a stat of 20 or higher has been reduced to 15.
Strategiest: Requirements dropped for starting out.
Type Ace: Write those four pokemon into your background and I'll have them as part of your pokedex and that will be that.

Groomer: write those contests into your character background.

Capture Specialist
*No changes*

As with Groomer, write the contests into your background. The ribbons, however, are all pertaining to your home regions and do not count toward your required number of ribbons to participate in higher ranking contests.

Martial Artist
*No changes*

Buffet: write the borrowed moves into your backstory
Guardian: write the borrowed moves into your backstory

*No changes*

Survivalist: write into your background

*No changes*

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