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ok so whats your question? was going by memory didnt have any books by me

nono, that was just an answer for Dualwielding. My char is not going to do it anyways. *thinks* That would give nice options for backstab thou...

Backstab only works on the first attack. Remember that in order to backstab, your opponent cannot know you are about to kick his ass.

hmm.. true that.. too bad.. well.. saves me ton of profiencies...

can Adrenalin Control increase stats past racial max? So if i use it can i get 25 str with a roll of 6? seems a bit much personally.

Yes, you can exceed racial limits with Adrenaline Control. Remember that it's 8 PSP to activate, and then 4 PSP/round to maintain.

And 2 things on this:

1. Book and Page number for questions. I won't answer any more unless you give me references to research. I can't always be expected to look everything up without knowing where I'm supposed to look.

2. This is an in-game question and not a character creation question. It's not that I don't want to answer questions, I would just prefer to limit questions at this time to those things that affect character creation and deal with in-game questions once we actually start playing.

1.sorry NONE of the sources i am using have page numbers as they are just massive text files, i understand that you need them but i do not know what i can do to supply them.

2.It is a creation question since if it did not increase past racial max i would not take the power, and since you require full complete characters its something that i needed to know(i had to change my starting science so)

It's all good. Just wanted to make sure we are all on the same page.

If you don't have the page numbers, at least give me the book name so I don't have to go searching through multiple books.

Please note the following information as it supersedes any information related to Required Non-Weapon Proficiencies listed in the House Rules Document:

Originally Posted by The Complete Thief's Handbook, Page 22
Note that required proficiencies are bonuses, given in addition to the non-weapon proficiency choices that you may make as usual. Sometimes a bonus proficiency will come from a group other than the General or Thief groups, but (since it is a bonus anyway) it doesn't matter how many extra slots it would otherwise be required to occupy.
Interesting. This says, basically, that if a proficiency is listed as Required that you get it as a bonus, making it free. I couldn't believe it when I read it, so I thumbed through a few of the other handbooks to see what text is in them. And in all cases, the texts indicate that any non-weapon proficiencies that are listed as Required are bonuses.

It's important to note that we're talking about Non-Weapon Proficiencies here. Why? In all cases, the handbooks make reference to potential Required Weapon Proficiencies, with the books explicitly stating that these are NOT bonuses, but must be taken with one (or more) of your initial Weapon Proficiency slots.

What does this mean? This means that if you create a character with a kit, and that kit has any Non-Weapon Proficiencies listed as Required, you receive those Non-Weapon Proficiencies for free.


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