Exploring Castle Rivenroar

Bel looks at the map, "Hall of Valor. The one they looted. Some of the stuff they took, like the gloves we found and the shields upstairs are still here. This was Sinruth's chamber, he spent most of his time here as long as I could see him in the pool."

With only two directions left to travel in, they have to decide if they want to brave the hallway with the crack running down the center of it, or head through the northern passageway in the room with all the alcoves and columns.

"I think we should Head to the room with all the Alcoves and Columns in it and be done with it and if there is nowhere else to go from that way, then we go back to the hall with the crack in the floor and move close to the walls." Says Panitari

Sengir nods, "let's cover the other areas first, I dread to think what might have slithered out of that crack."

The group leaves Sinruth's abode and head towards the alcoves near the fountains. Pillars line the hallway making it more difficult to travel down. The group has to resort to a single-file line. The hallway is a short one, only about forty feet or so before it starts to open up into a larger room. There is no lights in the room itself, only those carried by Dawn and Panitari.

Most of the room is drenched in shadows and darkness making it impossible to see everything. Those further back suffer the most. Vegan and Slygoth have the clearest view of the room, and even they can see only a little. Based on what they can see of the eastern wall, it looks like this room has more frescos painted onto the walls. They can make out some clouds and what might be a horse or a pegasus.

On the floor, in the dim light, Slygoth and Vegan (and the others only barely) can also make out a pile of bones in the dim light near the eastern wall. It looks like there might be another pile of bones in the darkness to the north, but not enough to tell if its a pile or just a bone or two.

The room is quiet.

Vegan move in the room keeping his eyes peeled and move to the pile of bone and looks thru it.
Dice Roll: 1d20+10
d20 Results: 9 (Total = 19)

Panitari Moves up into the room to give more light and to have a look around as well.

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