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Post Your Top-10 Aliens

Post Your Top-10 Aliens

What's your top-10 list for aliens. This list is limited to higher-intelligent aliens, alien lifeforms that are animals are not permitted. Can be a specific alien or a species.

Martian Manhunter.

I don't need anyone else. He is badass enough for all top 10 slots.

10. The Strangers, Dark City
9. Thomas Jerome Newton, The Man Who Fell to Earth
8. The Ferengi, Star Trek
7. Mi-Go, The Whisperer in Darkness
6. Both the cop and the fugitive in The Hidden
5. The Thermians, Galaxy Quest
4. The Prawn, District 9
3. The Doctor, Dr. Who
2. The aliens in Contact
1. Humanity, Battlestar Galactica

Dominar Rigel XVI from Farscape, foul mouthed, kleptomaniac Yoda who farts helium!

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