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Name: Razer Vine. "Raze" to her friends. "hahaha a pixie with a sword what a laugh no wait what where'd she go oww! no by the gods stops please stop no mommy eurgh arrgh!" to her enemies.
Race: Pixie.
Class: tome barbarian 8 cleric 1 pixie 3 // tome soulborn 12
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Faction: Society of Sensation. Rank: Factotum
Description: Powered down, Razer looks much like tinkerbell. With her soulmelds active, Razer looks like a psychotic jumble of christmas tree lights, each soulmeld fluorescing in a different primary or near primary colour.

Background: Yeah, yer jink's shiny, an' I'll spill the dark. But I warn ya, this kinda dark gets spilled, other kinds o' dark follow. Still, it's yer Mortuary ticket, so here it is. Long ago she was Chrys. Short for Chrysanthenum...wipe the smirk or I'll rearrange yer jawdice...that's better. Anyways, she hailed from some fairy village on some prime, an' not yer "having a laugh at the bottom of yer garden" kinda fairy, more like the "poke yer eyes out with a pointy stick an' slow roast 'em over a fire" kinda fairy. Feral fairy, ya could say. Would stayed that were not for Farynchus. He's a Named Corugon, lieutenant o' one o' the Eight... what'd'ya' mean "which Eight"? Yer more than' just a rube, aintcha, more like rube squared, or even rubic cubed. Ma cup's empty....

...So Farynchus has a thing fer winged things. Ever seen a fiend play "she hates me, she hates me not" with a pixie? So 'is men cross pike in, smash 'n' grab, pike out again. Chrys gets lucky, relative speakin'. Seems Farynchus needs a new chimney sweep, so Chrys gets tied to a pole 'n' volunteered fer the job. Then 'e gets the not so bright idea to user 'er to test brews 'n' potions 'n' stuff. When not stuffed up a soot pipe she's bobbin' in vats.

Something 'append. It changed 'er. Like 'er soul got too big fer its bag. Leaking colored stuff from everywhere, 'cept its not makin' 'er weaker, is it, its makin' 'er stronger. "Soulborn", as I ken it. Anyways, she quick learns ta control it, use it to give 'er prison the laugh. Luck again, Farynchus is out blooding some abyssals. Gets 'ome ta find 'is chimney mop 'as mopped up all 'is servants, made a right mess o' the place. As fer Chrys, she's waltzed thru the portal to Ribcage and then tumbled through a door to the cage. Chrys went into the whistles. Razer stepped out. Soulborn...soul reborn more like.

That's it in full, as for me, I'm off. This jink store 'll see me sound on a nice quiet prime somewhere. Me life wont be worth petitioner's spit if Razer finds out I talked.

Personality: Razer retains some of the more classic pixie traits, impulsive, somewhat flighty, easily distracted. However, it's been overlayed with the kind of head on slice 'n' dice attitude that would make a marilith proud. She subscribes to a somewhat non-orthodx sub cult of the Sensates, those that believe in experiencing by doing, rather that experiencing by observing. so "act first, let someone else clean up afterwards" is her motto. Despite moments of dark in her past, and assuming she's not under threat, Razer is generally cheery, good natured, and easy to get along with. She has a small cadre of friends to whom she is fiercely loyal

Loved ones/Contacts
Jake, proprietor of Jake's Intersect and Grill, Rook St, Clerk's ward
Jake is a Drider, got tired of serving the spider queen, decided to try his hand at serving drinks instead. He runs an inn that only the "in" know about, tucked away in Clerk's Ward. The inn exists in a pocket of subjective gravity, which means the bar and tables are sprawled across the floor, walls and ceiling. Jake is as canny and well-lanned as you'd expect of a cage inn keep, but the curse his ex-owner put on him means he can no longer fight for himself...which is where Razer steps in. She'll bounce for him if it's needed, run errands, look after trouble. Jake took her in when she first arrived in the cage, at expense to himself, and its not a debt Razer has forgotten. He's the closest thing to a loved one that Razer has in the 'verse.

Kheryll, Sensate Factor
Kheryll is the half-elven Factor that Razer reports to within her faction. Kheryll empathises with Razer's attitude to The Society, and does her best to shield her from the Faction in-fighting and intrigue to which Razer is clearly ill-suited. In return, there is the occasional job the Society needs done, too sensitive to trust outside the faction, to agressive to trust to anyone else within it, that Kheryll turns Razer's way. The pair have done each other enough favours for their relationship to move from professional to friendly.

Rhianan, Asimar Pelor Priestess of The Steeple.
Apart from Jake, it was the good people of The Steeple that helped keep Razer from walking too dark a path when she first arrived in Sigil. Razer still considers the debt unpaid, so helps the priestess out from time to time. Of course, the kind of help that Razer provides is not the kind The Priestess generally needs or wants, so it's a bit of a square peg trying to help out a round hole, but Razer does the best she can. Indeed, it was Rhianan that turned Razer to the worship of Pelor.

Stamwell, Human Mercykiller factotum
The lack of Mercy in the Mercy Killers is what turned Razer from joining their faction, but "hunt down the bad guys" is something Razer can get on board with. Stamwell runs a tactical unit of the faction, tasked with apprehending the more violent and or elusive Cagers that need to be put into a smaller cage...or into the book. Razer helps out, and in return Stamwell conveniently loses the occasional warrant that would impact Razer. Definitely more acquaintances than friends.

Haevastan, Human Dustmen
With Farynchus fueling a permanent contract on her head, there's more than a few infernals that slip into the cage looking to write Razer into the book, which usually means what to do with the corpse. Haevastan is the answer to that. The Dustman has an keen interest in fiendish corpses, and more than willing to "lose the paper work" if one happens his way. In a cart. By the back door. Late at night.

Kristan, 1/2 celestial Ogre, Harmonium Factor
Kristan knows, deep down in his gut, that Razer is responsible for a number of unsolved violences that have occurred within Sigil, and let's face it, he's probably right about at least some of them. He has a special draw set aside which holds arrest warrants for her, writing them out has become a hobby. Still not enough evidence though, but that just makes the fixated hardhead all the more hard headed.

Avaerel, were-tiger, MercyKiller factotum
Where Stamwell is a "the ends justifies the means" kind of guy, using Razer's help when needed, Avaerel is more your "means justifies the ends". A Mercykiller purist, he believes that only people that should be out hunting Cagers is his faction. No exceptions, which makes Razer kind of a heretic in his eyes. Sadly for her future among the living, Razer isn't even aware that this emnity exists.

Blevan, half fiend Fated factotum
Blevan's dislike of Razer is one by proxy. In reality, Blevan has been after Jake's intersect and grill for several years. Many of the fights and problems that Jake has encountered were in fact orchestrated by Blevan, in an attempt to get the drider to "sell up". Realising its never going to happen whilst Razer is in the way, Blevan has turned his not inconsiderable intellect to the task of not having her in the way any more.

Farynchus, advanced Corugon, lieutenant to the Nine
Farynchus is the kind to hold a grudge, and his grudge angainst Razer is manyfold. Not only did she escape his fortress, kill half is staff as she went, and demolish several centuries of research along with it, but news of her escape got out. Farynchus was a laughing stock, and nearly lost his position, not to mention demotion to lemure. The Lady's grace prevents him bodily entering Sigil and taking out the pixie, but it doesn't stop him from sending agents in to attempt the same task, nor doing his best to track her when she's plane walking, and interfering then too. Farynchus anger burns long and deep when it comes to Razer.



Name: Red
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Race: Elan (formerly human)
Class: (See Build Notes)


Red is a slender redheaded girl with long hair. She is 5ft6 with dark eyes, generally wearing street clothes of reasonable but not spectacular quality that don't stand out, often with a hooded cape or a hooded top. She sometimes favours a gothic style of dress with lace and velvet and ornate though not especially valuable jewelry, but generally only when going out with friends or for parties. Her 'work' clothes don't stand out. She also has piervings such as a nose ring and ear studs, and several tatoos.


Red has changeable moods. When working, she is quiet and efficient, usually impatient with people she sees as careless or stupid. She can relax and have a good time with friends and enjoys a moderate drink now and then, but other times she is gloomy and withdrawn, sometimes sullen. It's clear to those who know her that there are bad memories in her past and that sometimes the return and ruin her mood.

She is a thief and has few morals when it comes to property, but she is not actually a bad person. She generally doesnt kill unless she has to, she tends not to rob those who can't afford it. She is also proud of her 'professional' ability, both as thief and information broker.

WIP (For Personal Demons)

Asherkahti, the Skin Dancer
CE Kaorti Fiend of Possession|Swordsage
It's kinda complicated, see build

(Could also bid for Anger if there's ever an opening)

Name: Ninniach
Age: 500+
Gender: Female
Race: Nymph / Undead
Class: Sorcerer / Druid / Lich

Ninniach is strikingly beautiful as only a nymph can be. Becoming a Lich turned her formerly golden hair to white, but otherwise her beauty is untouched. Flawless skin, entrancing eyes, a body built for sinning... Beauty to die for.

Thanks Aurore for cool picture place

Ninniach is pissed. She hides it when seducing someone or otherwise trying to get her way, but five hundred years of imprisonment on Carceri have reamed all the naivety out of her. She may be an object of lust, she will use it's power to get her way, but she does not herself indulge any longer in such physical concerns.

She is focused. She is angry. She has little use for stupidity and no tolerance for willful ignorance. She has chosen to join in the Astral Septem for the protection it provides and taken the mantle of Lust because it was available.

[Personal Demons] Karim al-Fahim al-Kadir al Waheb

Name: Karim al-Fahim al-Kadir al-Waheb (Karim the Intellectual, the Powerful, the Beneficent)

WIP (Pride, for Long Live the Lich Queen)

Female CE Half-Glabrezu Star Elf Defiant|Ur-Priest
It's kinda complicated, see build

"Gods? What need have I of gods?"

(Applying as Lust for 'Long Live the Lich Queen')

Aidlian Bursis
Race / Template(s): Succubus (Half-elf originally)
Class: Succubus 12/(Warshaper) | Sorcerer 8/Master Transmogrifist 4
Build: Face/enchanter/spy/shapeshifter, with Touch of Healing thrown in there for fun.


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