Oasys Makes A Monster V: 'Lust' & 'Gluttony'

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I've dedicded to only do two levels of Lilitu and enter Contemplative early.
Gonna use Charisma as casting stat for Cleric spells and take Lust or Charm domain.

We will see how that pans out.

There are spells such as Trap the Soul and Soul Bind so spellcasters can gain access to souls.

There are also feats that go very well with Gluttony.
Thanks. That was not exactly what I had in mind but I can use them.

If anything, I can set [the gestalt, ToA creation] loose not on Alex when he gets his brain back.

Of course Gitp comes back after the majority of the character creation is finished!
Anyways, the main homebrew I wanted to share with you Oasys for your monster class builds was the Creature of Legend PrC. I quite enjoy it whenever I play with monster classes as it adds some flexibility to certain builds.

Name: Sadera of the Tanar'ri House of Era
Race / Template(s): Demon, Succubus, probably gonna go Native
Class / Role: Succubus 7/Cleric of X 1/Lilitu 4//Beguiler 12
Sadera, OoC, wields enchantments and illusions, she'd be a controller. Her followers should extend her reach through the city.
Background: Sadera is Tanar'ri, an ancient line of demon's from the Abyss and by relation to the demon Tarnhem, is a cousin of the famed demi-lich and designer of the Tomb of Horrors, Acererak.
Team Background:
Personality: What makes your PC click?

Loved ones: Family, friends, neighbors. People who might depend on your PC in a time of crisis. ECL 5 or less. Non-gestalt.
Nemesis: Someone who is or was out to get your PC. Potential BBEG/BBGG types. ECL 15+ Gestalt.
Rivals: From friendly rivals in your chosen vocation to bitter enemies, but not powerful enough to threaten the entire party. ECL 13. Non-gestalt.

Name: Cannot Remember
Race / Template(s): Barghest
Class / Role: Barghest 4/ Greater Barghest 1/Chaos Monk 2/Cleric of X 5//Urban Ranger 4/Sneak Attack Fighter 3/Dread Commando 5
Team Background:
Personality: What makes your PC click?

Loved ones: If the denizens of the Abyss, such as those like Sadera, can feel love, it would only be for her sisters, her fellow succubi.
Rivals: Her elder sister Valera is the pride of the House. Capable with greatsword as well as seduction, Sadera has spent far too much time in the shadows of her sister and seeks to free herself from the elder Era's influence. Valera is far too willing to stick her nose in Sadera's business, offering her advice and aid where it is not needed or wanted.


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