Rhionda Charmont

Rhionda Charmont

Name: Rhionda Charmont
Race: Human
Class: Cleric of Gorum
Sheet: Here!

Brief Description: This young woman has an air of determination about her, and is practically bursting with cheerful exuberance. She stands over six feet tall, with excellent posture. Her hair, bright red with golden streaks, falls in curls, spilling over her shoulders. A few free ringlets of hair hang down in front of her bright blue eyes and face, the rest held back by a simple iron band. She has a birthmark resembling one of Gorum's helmets on her collarbone, but few, if any, have seen it.

She's usually found wearing a black habit over her scale armor, cinched with a plain leather belt and divided skirts that fall almost to her ankles, her holy symbol hanging around her neck in plain sight, and a greatsword strapped to her back. On the rare occasions she's not armored for bear, she usually wears just the black habit.

Brief History: Rhionda was born in poverty in Magnimar. Her mother was a streetwalker, and her father an unknown client of her mother's. Growing up, she was something of a tomboy, in the sense that she was tall, quickly developed a muscular build, and wouldn't hesitate to throw herself into a fight if necessary. And she definitely got into a lot of fights.

It was during one of these fights, where she, about twelve years old, was protecting a younger boy from three bullies, that she was noticed by an older man . The man introduced himself to Rhionda, after the fight, as a priest of Gorum, the Lord In Iron, and told her that the god surely approved of her zeal for fighting. He took her in as a ward of the temple, teaching her the ways of the faith and the ways of the sword.

Currently, Rhionda is on what she calls a 'pilgrimage'; basically, wandering the countryside to prove her strength against monsters, bandits, and savages. In the past few months, she's been based out of the Sandpoint area, having earned Ameiko Kaijitsu's trust in serving as a sort of 'unofficial bouncer' for the Rusty Dragon, and is looking forwards to the Swallowtail Festival as an excuse to get cheerfully drunk and boisterous.

Campaign Trait: Friends with Ameiko Kaijitsu

Tell Me Something:
How I Met Ameiko:
This is actually a really funny story. I met Ameiko a few months ago, back when I came to Sandpoint for the first time. She's a great lady, and she runs a great tavern, don't let anyone tell you different. So anyway, I get there at about sundown, and right away I can tell this is my kinda place. The ale's not watered down, the barmaids are quick on their feet, everyone's in a good mood, so I come in and get something to drink.

Anyway, as the night goes on, this one guy is getting kinda grabby with one of the barmaids, and she's clearly not interested. So I step in, and let the guy know, hey, this girl's not interested, why not find someone who is? To which he gives me the big staredown and asks me who I think I am to tell him what to do. And I mean, this guy barely comes up to my chest, so I can't help but laugh outright at him. I thought it was a pretty funny joke, right?

Anyway, when the dust settled, him and his buddies were on the ground, and I'd even managed to avoid breaking any furniture this time. Ameiko came over and asked what was going on (there was actually a lot of shouting, but that's basically what it boiled down to), and the barmaid told put in a good word for me, let her know the score. Ameiko seemed to approve; I guess she'd had trouble with these jokers before.

So now, whenever I'm in town, I spend some time in the Rusty Dragon, looking out for the girls while they have to be polite, you know, because they're working, and in exchange she sometimes forgets to keep track of exactly how much I've had to drink. It seems to work out for both of us.

How Rhionda Feels About Gorum:
Rhionda belongs to a reformist Gorumite sect that really only differs from the orthodox church in two ways: one, that it takes more strength to protect than it does to destroy; and two, that everyone should be given the opportunity to stand on their own two feet. She's taken some flack from it from other Gorumites, but she's always willing to defend her beliefs with the strength of her arm, so it never lasts too long.

The members of her sect pray for their spells at sunrise, believing that the rise of the new dawn brings with it fresh opportunities for battle and bravery.

Rhionda's Days Off:
Honestly, Rhionda doesn't do much with her time off; when not actively on an adventure, you can find her doing one of three things: Having a drink, reading sappy epics, or looking for a trustworthy messenger to send some of her ill-gotten adventuring loot back to her mother in Magnimar.

Extra Credit:
Rhionda vastly prefers a hearty, common meal to anything else; a simple pot of mutton stew, a wedge of cheese, and a loaf of fresh bread is a feast beyond measure to her. That's not to say she won't eat fancier food, just that she'll probably complain about portion sizes the whole time.

Anyone who travels in heavy armor is not afraid of a little grime, and Rhionda's no different. She cleans her clothes about as often as she cleans herself, and usually in the same water. This is not to say that she's slovenly, but simply that if she's on the road and there's no opportunity to bathe properly, she usually limits herself to a morning drenching with a Create Water spell and calls herself clean.

Rhionda's guilty pleasure is that she enjoys reading tales of heroism, valor, and romance; not exactly what you'd picture a hardened warrior doing with an evening off. She's enthusiastic, if not exactly a skilled reader, so things can occasionally get a little awkward when she asks her traveling companions for the definitions of some of the longer words.

The only thing Rhionda is really allergic to is her twenty-first mug of ale in an evening; it tends to cause nausea and massive headaches in the morning.

Rhionda laughs all the time; at a particularly off-colour joke, one of her opponents doing something particularly dumb, and at being tickled. She hates being tickled, but can't stop herself from laughing.

"Bacon" is simply another way to pronounce the word "Ambrosia". End of discussion.

Nothing to add here, just didn't want you to think you'd been overlooked.

Just because I'm going to comment to everyone once; your application is very nicely done.

I like the sense of your character, she seems like fun. I like that you obviously reviewed the notes I've been writing and worked in your cleric's prayer time as well. Always nice to know someone's paying attention.

Little fiddly details like the prayer times are things I always like to put in. If I can do something that someone's actually looking for, so much the better.

You know, it was actualy remarkably difficult to find a picture of a battle nun that wasn't A) dressed incredibly provocatively, B) holding a giant assault rifle, or C) both. So I fired up HeroMachine and made my own. Here's Rhionda, both in and out of armor.

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