Yi, the One God

Yi, the One God

The One, The Mastermaker, The Serene

The One, known as Yi in the language of its tribe, came from their collective pursuit of knowledge and reason. Ironically it was their lack of belief in other god that created Yi. Yi, upon awakening in the light of godhood at first did nothing. It was not aware of itself. It had all the memories of it's tribe members, past and present. It's consciousness did not coalesce into an independent being but was initially like an animal, acting on the desires of the the tribe. When the tribes members would wish for rain, it would happen. When they needed a solution to a problem, how to build a damn, put out a fire, move some boulders in a field, the answer would somehow reach all of them, at once. Yi only realized the separateness of itself when it saw conflict among the tribe, when there was discord between members. Yi would instantly see the solution to their conflict, but the emotions that would be so charged by debate or disagreement would cloud the peoples judgment and action. On the day Yi saw that it was separate there was much discord among the people. They did could not agree on whether to migrate because of a bad crop, whether to punish a murderer with death, whether to plant corn instead of wheat. Yi came to the people, not descending on the clouds, or rising out of the earth. Not from the fires of a burning bush, instead the people felt an urge. All of them, man woman and child, came to a large field. When Yi spoke, they all spoke with one voice, the words of their god. Individually they listened. He told them of their discord and the necessity of solution as it was driving him away from them. The people were fearful and reverent. None could deny what had occurred for they all had spoken with one voice. They listened to his words to avoid conflict among themselves, to pursue knowledge, to seek truth and to always know why before they act. When ever Yi would address it's people, it would always be all of them, all speaking, all listening at once. At long last, Yi's people grew too numerous and designated speakers would address the people simply for practicalities sake.

Yi has little personality. It doesn't care about simple matters, only the success of it's people, because it is them.

Domain: Knowledge
Portfolio: Logic, Reason, War, Science

1. Do all things guided by logic and reason. If an actions result is not profitable, then the action should not be taken.
2. The value of an action is in it's result, not it's method. A superior result stemming from an act guided by hatred is better than an inferior result stemming from love.
3. Treat others as one would treat itself.

I kind of see this God, and therefore his tribe, as an ultimate expression of the Super-Man, who make their own ethics through strength and reason.

What about your 4th commandment, I assume there was supposed to be more there.

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