Heiko Kudzu

Charisma is not appearance. It is a force of personality and the drive behind any good Politician. I just found it somewhat amusing that such a high ranking charisma persona would have any trace of shyness in her.

Originally Posted by srd
Charisma measures a character’s force of personality, persuasiveness, personal magnetism, ability to lead, and physical attractiveness.
Are you so sure?

IS that the D&D SRD?


Well this is not D&D. Besides Charisma is not stated as physical beauty in the PHB. I do believe.


You're the GM so I am overuled! LOL

Your agruing with the GM about what Cha does and doesn't represent. Think for a few seconds. GM is saying X, Book says Y, Rule 0 says Z. Thinking view of X + Rule 0's Z trumps Y.

I should note that there are certain settings in which Heiko is comfortable and can actually apply that 20 charisma. For example, formal dinners. Again, she did go to charm school, so in situations where she could apply it, she can be quite persuasive and composed.

*scribbles on some of her scratch paper*

Note to other players, make sure to give Heiko a very fancy dress.

She is Erika's apprentice, she likely has an extensive wardrobe full of kimonos.

It's just back in Celadon.

...Wait, does the PC system work through those dimensional rifts? If so then fancy kimonos on demand!


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