Dom the Psionicist

Tough decision. If I let you do it, then I have to allow everyone else to do it as well. It also takes away from wrathgon's character in that his kit allowed him to do it.

Enough said. I won't do it.

I just figured I'd make my case. It's be nice to have chosen the science that I wanted right off the bat instead of having to wait till 5th level to do it. That's all. :P

EDIT: Provided I even made good enough rolls for that, anyway... :P

Also, you would only have to allow other psionicists to do it. Like wrath said, I am already psionically sensitive...

But enough making my case... :P

All of your points are valid, and I love good discussion. But the over-riding factor here is having to be even across the board.

Let me think on it a bit - I may change my mind.

OH! Found an awesome picture for my character! It's WAY too big of a photo, but my character is the first one you see, so it works. Ignore the dragon... :P

Here's a better one.
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Now I figured out how to post it. Here goes nothing.

I dont mind, my kit gives me AUTOMATIC wild talent, the rest of the suckers have to risk their minds for it As i said normally the reason you have a wild talent is your mind comes into contact with psionic energies for the 1st time and reacts. Someone that already is psionic would be born with the energies within them, even if it does not come out, you are born with the powers(IMO you can train to be a psionicist). Wild talents are a by product of psionics being used near normals. That is why my guy looks at it as a sickness cause it acts like a disease, it can be spread to others, some have good things happen, others well we dont talk about them

but i leave it up to the DM to decide


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