Cristi Oswin - Pokemon Babysitter

Oh I get it. Its the same as Thunder Fang on Arcainine. Something helpful much later. The wording of the feature is poor, I guess.

Yeah, you got it.

No, the feature is worded correctly. The only problem is that the devs did not mark the appropriate moves on the Pokedex like they should have. You shouldn't have to use another website to play the game.

One thing that is overlooked is that you can move some of your lower level, but good moves onto your Technical move list rather then your Natural. This is a good way to get around the 7 Natural move limit. Not useful at this level, of course, but you can do this in later levels to great effect if you are having difficulty deciding what moves to dump.

Natural Move Economy seems to do that, too. Which I intend on grabbing eventually ^^

Ah, so it does. Latent Potential has the advantage of not only being in a Base Class instead of an Advanced class, but being Wisdom Focused instead of Charisma focused. Natural Move Economy is an excellent feature however.

Pico and Lilly are done!

You forgot a stat point, I believe it is because you missed on the bonus charisma point Hatcher gives you. Doing so and setting yourself up for 18 wisdom 22 charisma is good for the short term, although your next two levels would have to invest in wisdom so you can grab natural edge + at level 7, and max it by level 9 with two more points.

I did? Hm...

Yea, once I can get most, if not all, her features, I'll pay some special attention to her other 4 stats.

Need to write her guitar playing into her background..Hmm....

So you're going into dual wielding? Not a bad choice, it's not like Breeder, or hatchers and move tutors specifically, have much of a need to advance their wisdom and charisma past 22 each. I've been considering getting multitasking myself, but more wisdom means more healing on berries for me, so it's been tough to decide. I'd be short of 10 points of wisdom if I get the feat after all.

Its a looong time goal for any character I make in PTA to dual wield. But I also see it as Cristi improving herself and being more physically fit like she was when she was younger.

Hey (assuming we both get into the game) what do you say about my character joining your character on the pre-trip set up and such. Basically someone contacted your father (or he contacted my parents) and arranged things such that he picked my character up and then my character helped out with things when and where he could. This could give us a chance to get to know each other prior to getting on the boat. I mean it is rather obvious that my character can seriously use a good friend that is a lot more tactful than my character is in order to help compensate for his lack of interpersonal skills. What do you think?

Oh and thought you might be interested in these




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