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The Neverending Story

The avacados and Super Ted take over the city. Super Ted giggles uncontrollably.

Then black mage jumps out of the shadows and stabs him in the back "Nope. Some people call you dead. Corpse is also an option."

Then the weather seems to take a slight turn for the worse with some strong winds and stormy weather quickly followed by a house falling on the black mage when a girl appears at the window of the house asking, "Have you seen a yellow brick road?"

Super ted detecting the midflayers intent reveals his own abilitys and breaks the mindflayer's mind and starts to mindrape it.

Which gets him arrested by the Law and Order Special Victims Unit, Super Ted finds him self doing 15 years in jail.

Unfortunately, the mindraping incident was recorded and has now become a Youtube sensation all across the world leading to many people wanting to try it out themselves.

So Youtube was banned from the internet

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