Character Creation

Character Creation

Character creation for characters in the Forgotten Realms is pretty standard, and the house rules document covers most of the things that have been house-ruled for character creation. However, there are some things that have been brought to my attention that need to be mentioned so we're all on the same page.

1. All characters start at level 1 with 0 experience points.

2. All characters receive maximum hit points at 1st level. I do not want to see a Fighter (or sub-class) with a CON bonus of 3 with 4 hit points. You are adventurers and are supposed to be better than Joe Schmuck on the street.

3. Things that are specific to worlds outside the Forgotten Realms - such as blood powers from Birthright - are NOT allowed. If you have a question on something that is from one of the other worlds and whether or not it is allowable or not, please ask. I'd rather you ask and I say yes than to assume it is and then have me say no. I'm pretty open to stuff, so just ask to make sure.

4. If you want to play an evil alignment, go for it. However, you guys are a group and should be working towards a common goal, so at least try to get along. And on the topic of alignment - if you are a good-aligned character and commit evil acts, don't be surprised when you have an alignment change. Just saying.

5. Character imports are NOT allowed. You MUST create a new character for this game.

6. If you create a Mage, you start with Detect Magic, Read Magic, 4 1st level spells from your chosen school of your choice, and 4 1st level spells from any other school that you have access to. How you determine those spells is up to you, so long as they aren't in an opposition school and follow rule 3 above.

7. If you aren't a Psionicist, you do NOT get psionics. No rolling for Wild Talents. I'd hate to see someone roll up a great character and then get totally boned on the resulting Wild Talent roll.

As always, there may be more that comes up later, and if so this list will be updated.

All characters are to be created in the Characters folder, with the character's name as the thread title. If you want to put the race and class (and kit) in the title, awesome. Not necessary or required, but awesome.

Please use the site's 2E character sheet for your character and then link the character sheet into the thread for your character. This will keep everything the same, making it easy on my old eyes to find stuff if I need to.

Races that are not written up as Player Character races but are instead written up as Monsters - such as those entries found in the Monstrous Compendium - are NOT allowed as player character races.

Yes, I'm aware that there are multiple races written up as both PC races and Monster races. In these cases, the PC race write-up takes precedence as a player character and is allowable. But if the only write-up that exists is a Monster write-up, that race is not allowable.

If you have a really good concept and reasoning for why it should be allowed, please ASK me first before creating the character. I like good concepts and would rather allow it upon initial review than to ask you to alter your character due to assuming it was allowed.

Ok, I've read through like 5 schools of magic, and the racial requirements? They suck. They whole-heartedly, undeniably, and unquestionably suck. So I'm not going to impose racial requirements on magic schools. I mean, why is it that Elves, who are supposed to be one with magic to begin with, get boned on schools?

I will admit that it's not supposed to be easy to be multi-classed, and the limitations I impose on demihumans is for balance. I mean, without some limitations there becomes no reason to be a human. But at some point things get too out of hand, and the racial requirements just went out the window.

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