Name of God: Seluku
Concept & Personality: Most non-believers think Seluku is uncaring towards mortals, but he's actually very
for example, none have ever died from drowning
benevolent to his followers, and indeed, all people. When he walks among them he takes the guise of an old seafarer (himself, in fact) with few worldly posessions and in need of a meal and a warm bed. Those that shelter and feed him, especially those that barely survive themselves, later find their pantries full and their homes feel just a bit cosier.
He was originally a simple mortal like all the others, a mere fisherman like his forefathers before him. Nonetheless, he was a devoted servent to
the then-current god of the sea
Kairon and when he died he was chosen to become a spirit of the sea, appointed by his patron to watch over any who chose to sail the waters. Many centuries later Kairon began to go insaine with a lust for power, threatening the other gods and destroying much of the land near the oceans. One of the few even able to defend against his destructive power, Seluku protected those he could from Kairon's wrath. When Kairon realized this he attempted to banish Seluku to an eternal damnation, but Seluku was saved from this fate by the faith of the people he had protected. Their faith gave him the power to counter Kairon's wrath, who's own power base dwindled --mostly due to his own destruction. Kairon tried to annihilate Seluku using all of the power he had left in a final salvo, what he didn't realize however, was the power from the faith of Seluku's new followers. Instead of being destroyed, Seluku transcended the material plane and passed into the Celestial Plane...

Primary Domain: Water
Secondary Domains:
if thats too broad I'll narrow it
Aquatic life,
making him the unofical god of thieves/travelers/adventurers/etc.
including but not limited to: pirates, merchants, fishermen, etc.
  • Do not pollute any waters, respect the sea-life
  • Go where the water takes you
  • Take time to relax, and go for a swim

*note* I think a Pantheon is the best choice for my god

I am struggling a little to feel what your God is about, how does he interact with his followers, what does he stand for? What does he want?

sorry, it was a second work-in-progress, had a lot more info in the original/now-lost version, I'll fill it out more

hope I filled him out enough, do you want any more info to round him out more?

--also, since I didn't directly answer a couple of those questions, here are my answers
he didn't intentionally even become a god, it was really him defending the people he was appointed to protect (and over the years he now cares for them) now that he's a god, he still views it as his duty to keep his people safe, but realizes that he has a much larger sphere of influence than he had when he was only a spirit.
He generally doesn't interact with his followers directly, he prefers to interact with them on an 'even' playing field. If/when he did/does reveal himself to them he'll probably be a 20-ft tall human or fish-man that looks like he just stepped out of the sea.
he stands for (if this makes sense) protection of the ocean/rivers, mariners/people who depend on the ocean, and aquatic life. Ie, if somebody was dumping refuse into a river, he'd (or one of his agents) be the one to cause the river to splash up and either pull the offender in, or spitting the refuse back at them. In the case of protecting mariners he wouldn't let a pirate ship attack a ship full of his followers, and if they tried their ship would end up in a whirlpool. In the case of aquatic life he understands that some/most of his followers depend on stuff from the sea and accepts it, but if they tried to pull appart a reef because they wanted souvenirs they'd be in for a rude enlightenment.
he doesn't 'want' anything per se, but he's for keeping the balance that the ocean has (and wants his followers to do so as well) ie he wouldn't allow whaling past maybe 2 or 3 whales a year. Still have to decide wether or not he'd like pearl farms (although I'm leaning towards against them due to the fact that in essence, they'd be enslaving the oysters to do it)

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