Agelia of Mystra

Sad. I keep coming here hoping to see a tidbit into the world of your mind, and I get empty posts...


yea i know starting to think i am far too open with my app. Only way day to go anyways

Undergoing construction. Expect a human Dweomerkeeper shortly.

And...done! Sorry about the delay, my shift at work ends at 6:00 PM Central Time. Off Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays. Well, until this one guy's manager gets back, and then we can trade shifts.
Enjoy your socially inept Dweomerkeeper friend!

Dice Roll: 1d8
d8 Results: 3
Hit Points for Second Level Cleric

Add me a 1 for my Constitution bonus...

A note for all you folks, I'm going to be putting the other results of my level-ups, in these rolls, so there isn't any confusion when Skill X increases in number, or anything like that. I got the idea from Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale.

Experience will, err, be found out in a little bit. Or did the level up go on top of what we were awarded earlier on? I'm asking now, to avoid "uhh, SCARY WIZARD, why are you rolling for HP when everybody else is behind you?".

But, since there doesn't look to be anything else, this level, aside from spells... There won't be jack! Stay safe, folks.

WOW also, folks, I just remembered I can cast detect magic once a day, and some other kit features.


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