Red Hand Reunion

Vegan Hybrid (Avenger/Battlemind) (Knight Hospitaler)

Vegan shakes his head as he realizes it really hard to see in the room. Panic starts to overwhelm him as he sees the creatures in the dim light 'The others where are they, where did they go... Where did I go.'Vegan takes a step back putting his heels on the wall as he sees the man "Wwho are you?" Not able to see clearly see the man Vegan squints and realizes that he has a tail. Vegan ignites his sword with radiant energy and lets loose another bolt.

A look of fear on Vegan face as his attack misses Vegan lets loose another bolt.

Sengir looks around to see everyone but Bel has disappeared till he notices the light and sees Panitari down the hallway. "Foul undead magic, means to divide our power." Sengir receives the punishment from the skeletons causing him to focus on the situation.

"There are more in the shadows, don't let these skeletons *pointing at the Boneshard* get close to you, they reek of dark energy."

Sengir backs away from the skeleton a step but closer to the other one to his other side, aiming to try and take them out as fast as he can.

Immediate Interrupt When Bloodied...

As Sengir strikes the Boneshard Skeleton with the powers of the moon goddess. Suddenly the skeleton sprays outward with splintered bones many of which plant deeply into Sengir's
7 necrotic damage

After feeling the bone shards hit him, his hand shimmers with energy and he places it over the area he was hit, it mixes with the necrotic energy from the attack till it overwhelms the energy and begins to heal the wound.

"Yesss priessst, yesss! Dessssstroy it ssso it can desstroy you!!!!" shouts the wight from the darkness.

When Dawn regains her senses from the brief vertigo of being teleported she takes several steps back "An Evistro demon!" She looks around but only sees Panitari. "Do not attack it," she warns the psion as she backs further see sees Bel and Sengir far down the hall.

Where are the others, she thinks to herself.

"We need to help the others," she says. "Maybe the wight summoned this demon. If we're lucky, the demon will want some revenge on the summoner that chained him here. If we're not lucky..." The young woman doesn't bother to finish her sentence.

She looks back down the hallway. "Don't fight, just run.." she whispers to Panitari before taking off down the hallway. Her hands guiding her as she races back to the others.

As Dawn enters the throne room again she brings with her a massive amount of light. More than enough to light up the whole room. Badhron turns to look at Dawn and sneers. Purple light glows from his eyes and mouth. "You made a wrong turn."

Dawn can clearly see the wight standing in front of his throne as well as the three skeletons that had been hiding in the dark, all have their bows out. The wight then looks back towards the hallway, practically ignoring Dawn. "The two women are nearby Belegveril Bonegnassssher. That meanssss your barbarian friend and the cow will be killing Addy ssssoon."

"Okay if you think that is the best thing for us to do now,then I will follow you. Also it maybe best for us all to start to talk more like this so our enemies don't know what we are planning.I can link our mind so we can all can hear one another without anyone else hearing us."
Dawn hears Panitari in her mind As Paniari runs down the hall after her.Then once back in the room with the others. She
use Bastion of Mental Clarity
readies herself for any attacks. And then she quickly looks to see who is missing. She find that Vegan is missing, But knows that Bel is here somewhere close because the wight is talking to her. So Panitari sends out her Mind to Vegan to find out where he is.
Vegan where are you? Are you hurt? Everyone looks to be back in the room we started in.Can you make it back to us?.
Vegan hears Panitari in his mind


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