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Depends on whether it is official or a rogue element. In the first case, a full team with heavy equipment, and security. In the second case, as little as a couple of guys.

Just a note that explorers generally can spin on the chassis so that the wheels stay out but the cabin flips 180 degrees. However, this model is extended length, and needs a bit more room than standard. It could probably make it inside, but you have to get in to confirm.

No need backing in is about the same as driving in at least I am not pulling a trailer that always makes it a wee bit more complicated -- not a lot mind you for the really skilled but slightly more than not having a trailer.

Oh and couldn't we just winch up the gate I am sure the explorer comes equip with an external powered winch or at least I would hope so (yes/no?)

Well, no, the explorer doesn't have a winch. If there is a mechanism to raise the gate it is all concealed inside the walls on either side; there is sign of anything above except of course a space to allow the gate to pass up.

Is Alexis, or anyone else, climbing up to the high ground on one side of the passage? What are the rest of you doing?

Wow a serious off road vehicle without a winch sure hope we never get stuck in the mud

Raising the gate is a matter of adding up the STR's of everyone helping, and if the total is equal to or higher than the gate's weight, it lifts. You will need to improvise some way of keeping it up, once it is lifted. Up to five people can lift at the same time.

Okay quick message letting you all know I am still alive. Due to a totally unexpected family emergency I had no access to internet for that last week. Will be trying to play catch up this week. Sorry for any delays.

Sorry to hear, I hope all is getting better with your family now. Good to see you're still around!

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