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Just wondering in which land are Halflings most likely to live?
I kind of need to know before I properly start my background...

Ok, background ready... if anyone wants to do some beta reading is more than welcome!! also, possible previous relations? firends/knowns... not so friends?

The halflings, like the other "Little people" races of the gnomes and dwarves, originally hail from the continent of Maundelay, which is located far southeast of Ashra (And Nessene as well). A check of the description of Maundelay and a glance-over of the maps may give you some ideas.

While Nessene may have started as a wilderness lived in only by the Gatekeepers and the descendants of the Veyran Vanguard, it has grown somewhat. Many choose to raise their families on the island, either in one of the larger cities, one of the medium interior settlements, or in smaller shires and villages not listed on the map. You may hail from either Maundelay originally, or your family may have raised you on Nessene.

Population wise, Nessene is composed of the following ratio of inhabitants: 70% human, 10% elf, 5% half-elf, 5% half-orc, 4% dwarf, 3% gnomes, 3% halflings.

I think I've strung something reasonable together.

I'm actually interested in whether or not the Calyssan faith has a formalized training structure for the purposes of martial skills. I would assume so, since one of their central figures is a Paladin. The training in the Gatekeepers could be an extension of the training with the Calyssans. Do they have a formal name for their paladins? I referred to the fact that my character thinks of herself as a 'warrior priestess', but I'm not sure if there's a better name for her.

The Calyssans, at least the religious order (And not the ones that oversee the Chateaus, which are houses of prostitution) are mainly made up of priests and priestesses. There have been some more notable warrior examples: Parwyn Stratford, whom you're likely referring to, was a paladin that carried the title of "Rose Knight." However, that title is bestowed by their goddess. Those who take up the sword...or defense of their faith are typically identified as the Rose Guard.

Joining up with the Gatekeepers would have forced you to put aside any notions of being in, or remaining (if you were one originally) as a member of the Rose Guard: though they welcome people from all faiths, the Gatekeepers prefer a minimal conflict of interest.

Understood. Perhaps a good source of personal conflict. Her original intention would have been to join the Rose Guard, and serve under their banner, but the shift in teaching towards the Gatekeepers may chafe a little in her ability to follow her beliefs, or at least represent them.

Does that make sense?

Go for it.

When's the deadline for completing our apps? I'm not sure mine will be done till Friday... though I can finish it by Wednesday evening at a push.

The ad mentions October 28th, and usually the powers that be try to enforce those as law (for good reason, as those that may take longer to build an app will be surprised by early close dates). Based on that, you should have lots of time.


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