Name of God: Tredos, Lord of Judgement, Patron god of Heroes

Concept & Personality: Tredos is a watchful God, usually quiet and subtlety judging all that takes place around him. When he does choose to speak he is often blunt and straight to the point. He doesn't even commune often with the priests of his own religion, and when he does it normally to root out injustice within the people. It isn't that he doesn't care about his people, he just wants to see how they act without his constant guidance.

Primary Domain: Justice

Secondary Domains: Honor, Order, Martial Skill

  • The law may be twisted, but Justice is certain.
  • Bring honor to ones name, there is nothing worse the dying in dishonor
  • There is no fate greater than laying ones life down in defense of another
  • Always place the fate of many above the fate of one, especially if that one is yourself

Tredos would be willing to be part of a pantheon in fact he would probably fit better in one.

More to be fleshed out later