Other Games - nowhere as good as AtG

how old is hiccup? I'm applying as a fighter as well and there was a war 30years back that he was in. Would be interesting if they knew each other... keep in mind my character pretty well hates everybody.

Damn that EP taking up all you time

I'm hoping to get in there, because I have such a great rapport with Kr'lunk already I already know how he is going to react to pretty much any situation. There were some crazy stupid applications on there, flying four armed lizard men and the like ... we'll see how it goes

@ Rum I'm making him a young whippersnapper, maybe 19 or so. It's getting onto fermenting time and he gets the hiccups (hence his name) over the next month or so, so an excuse to leave town would be great -- I may add that your character saw potential in him and gave him some training

Also, not sure why I am replying to Rum as he isn't in today

@ CG Nice one ... hope you make it (and I hope I do too obviously ... )

I'm leaving in about a half hour... so that's why you're replying My character wouldn't train anyone to fight, he may train you to tend goats, chew tobacco and spit but that's about it.

KK mate, I'll change the Mr Miyagi thing :0

apparently towels take quite a while to dry... and I can't travel without one. So I'm still here. Unfortunately as I mentioned in the game app thread, Guffo wouldn't pick up for someone who couldn't defend themselves out of pity. If anything he'd probably laugh, unless you're related to the Bulgebottles. He'd help then because of your relation to his ex, and spite towards those who dislike him, but would never tell you why and some of your family would hate the idea.

@ Rum It's cool mate, written Guffo out of my fluff

Also, going to create a new thread called "Other Games" as this is jamming up the flow of AtG :0

Other Games - nowhere as good as AtG

For discussing other games you have applied for, playing in, want to reinforce that you they were as good as AtG ... etc


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