Castle Malone

I think I am just going to go random. I think that would be rather fun actually. The problem would be if I was trying for a specific thing the random could mess it up

I can't befriend you since you don't love your pokemon. Sadly I must beat you up every chance I get now.

I might recommend Double Team, cause random is more fun when you're in multiple of places at the same time.

Love your pokemon and you get my love.

Borrowing vinoms format because it is awesome hope you dont mind. Also mad hatter isnt it your job to teach people the wonders of pokemon and happiness and rainbows. I think that is everything

Umm not sure if it is my job. I just love Spike and all pokemon. They're cuddly. Except for the rock pokemon. But still love them!

It's not my format, Darchias made it for a now defunked pokemon game.

I took it from somebody else on rpol a year back, I love it.

That game still has some funk! It is, however, defunct.


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