Final Aspects of Character Creation

Final Aspects of Character Creation

There are two more points that need to be covered for character creation, one relating to miracles and one relating to your tribe.

Firstly Miracles:
When you are casting a miracle they will fall into one of four types (Creation, Destruction, Transformation or Control). You need to select one of the four for your God to be attuned with (resulting in a cost reduction for miracles), two of these that your God is neutral with (no cost break or cost increase) and which of these your God is opposed to (resulting in a cost increase).

Creation: Miracles using creation involve something coming from nothing. (An army of clay warriors appearing on the battlefield, divine armour appearing on an army etc).
Destruction: Nothing short of purely destructive power, where other miracles can be harnessed to cause harm, this purely focuses upon it (Rain of fire razes a village, weapons crumble and rust in the hands of the enemy).
Transformation: Bending and altering what already exists into something new (A forest coming alive to defend the faithful, rain turning into acid as it falls, a hastily erected wall of mud turns into granite)
Control: The most subtle of miracle styles, control focuses on bending the human mind (granting a prophet the ability to see far off lands, making enemy soldiers change sides or run away).

Secondly we have Tribe Breakdown
With each tribe being made up of 100 people, you must selecting 30% to be better than average in either body, spirit or mind. Body are the strong, spirit the most faithful and mind the most intelligent. The game assumes a 10% of each type, thus 10 who specialize in each area, however it is up to you how you break down that 30.

Not sure if you want our choices here but:

I would like to know your choices, but I don't think I explained myself very well on the tribe aspect. Out of 100 people, you have 30 who are above average, so the average break down is 10 of body, 10 of mind and 10 of spirit, but this can be different, say, 5 body, 5 spirit and 20 mind or any other combination thereof.

Ah. I thought everyone was given 10% in each and then we breakdown an extra 30%, but I understand now and fixed it. My mistake.


Attuned With
Transformation, Destruction

Spirit: 15%
Mind: 10%
Body: 5%

Corram Lightbringer

Attuned With

Neutral With
Destruction, Creation

Opposed To

Humans are fine, although I expect that he may end up with a mix, due to the lack of any real racism.

I don't really have much of a preference for location. Someplace reasonably self-sufficient, with natural defenses, but I don't know what the game has in mind.

Favored Terrain is about as open as with any human population, although the preference would be for places with long growing periods, short winters, and plenty of resources... Rather like what I assume everyone would want.

And for the actual percentages...

I suppose the default of ten percent in each is fine with me.



Control, Creation



Humm, this is tricky, because Reyl's not really a "primary" god, except for a few small groups of gypsy-style nomads. As far as the percentages:

Mind: 20%

Reyl encourages quickness of wits above everything. "Spirituality" in this case would be more along the lines of emulating him, rather than worshiping him.

Thanks for the template, twen.

Dang, somebody took the catgirls already. =P Fine, they'll be humans.

Favored Terrain would be plains. Temperate plains more specifically. Coastal temperate plains super-specifically.

Should we be choosing the technology of our tribe from a list or something?

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