Hikaru Ichimonji

Thanks for the feedback. I didn't write much about the mons yet because I hadn't decided which ones I was taking yet when I posted the app. Will be fleshing that out later.

You know, I've been wondering why you'd pick coordinator, but I've been looking at it, and I'm inspired about a coordinator/choreographer/coach concept...

Character is completed. Switched Full Heal to something else. Added Pokemon to background story.

Just a question for the GM: My character has a feature that revolves around use of a specific class of weapon. Is it okay, given that there's no additional special features, for him to have a katana?

I picked coordinator because it is largely under-represented and is interesting from a roleplay perspective. Also, the fact that there are many decent abilities in a class that is overlooked largely due to theme.

Hey, hey! Cristi and you may have some synergy if we're both accepted! I was planning on either entering into Groomer or Move Tutor fairly soon. If we're together, definitely going Groomer!

...and I will give you all my treasure if you breed pokemon for me.

All of it.


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