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Yeah sorry my plate runneth over I have been working more hours past two weeks and my kids still need Dad time and my wife is mildly attention starved. So priorities have kept me from finishing pregame organization. Give me another week and I should be able to finish winding it up so we can get the clown car rolling.

I hate to say it but this game is not going to get off the ground anytime soon. I overestimated how far I could stretch my day and in doing so I apologize to you all. I was very excited to get this off the ground and it is quite depressing that I have not matched my own expectations. I will keep it from archiving and add stuff when the opportunity presents itself, but it will be on hold indefinitely. Again I am sorry hopefully another game will start and you all can plunge in.

I've been toying with the idea of running a game for awhile.

It would be my first foray into GMing - so no promises about it being good and I would probably keep it small. Maybe 5 players or 6 at most.

Let me ruminate a bit more and see if I think I can make it work.

Hey all... btw I was thinking of running a game here soon as well. It's going to be set in the year 1123 and is going to deal with a minor clan. Let me know if you are interested.

For anyone still keeping tabs on this game. I have no classes for my Fall semester granting me free time to get this rolling. So I will keep the archive monster away and put up an ad for players a week or so before my Summer semester ends. I will also pm all the players already applied about their interest at that time.


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