Vivian Grey

Vivian Grey - Shiny Seeker

Name: Vivian Grey
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Classes: Capture Specialist, Watcher (Collector later on)
Starting Pokemon: Mitune the Beldum and Coral the Ralts

Theme Songs:
Vivan - The Veldt
Coral - Lies With the Sea
Mitune - Blast Wave

Quote: "There's just something about the sea that draws me to it. Whether it's the mystery of the vast unexplored depths, the sheer beauty of the reefs, or the amazing varieties of creatures living in it, I don't know. All I know is, I'll be going back to it, again and again, for a very long time."

Pokemon Wish List: Zorua, Eevee, Nincada, Trapinch, Larvitar Bronzor, Numel, Solosis, Torchic, Porygon, Mienfoo, Any ghost types (ESPECIALLY Rotom and Sableye), Shiny Gorebyss, Horsea, Gible, Shiny(?) Male Ralts.

Legendary of Choice: A Shiny Lati
Either Or
@s. Alternatively, Giratina

[Note: Pretty much done here, may add a few more to the Wish List if I think of any.]

You're short one stat point on the trainer (I recommend putting it and at least one of your charisma points to con for extra hit points), and pokemon don't get a stat point at level 1, so you're one over on each.

Also, I can't believe I didn't remember this until just now, but technically you can't actually get collector without DM approval. It's prereqs are impossible to attain and still be legal, so the DM needs to make an allowance like he did for stat ace.

I instantly befriend you.

Savannah would get into an argument about shininess not being of any combat advantage.

Shinies are rare and valuable, a genetic trait that is infrequently passed on. In 2nd gen you determined shinies by having maximum in individual stat values, so you were the top percentage of (whatever). Or was it by having a particular combination that was incidentally fairly high? Can't remember. They changed it in 3rd gen to a separate thing anyway, so Shininess has literally no impact. I've seen P:TA GMs give them some free natural edge for being shiny though.

Yes, shiny pokemon at one point had a statistical advantage, or rather were proof of a statistical advantage among pokemon of the same breed. But since a shiny and non-shiny pokemon of the same breed, nature and level can have identical stats, unless a GM is house ruling in a shiny advantage, (which makes a Vivian's eventual class feature that will allow 'shiny hunts' much more powerful) there is no combat advantage to the shininess of a pokemon.

Collectors get an advantage with shiny mons, they get +2 pokemon collected score per shiny, on top of the species bonus. Means with shiny hunt, he gets to level up fast. Granted, as a capture specialist/watcher, he won't really have any notable combat ability beyond just having decent pokemon, and maybe weapon of choice with a high-ish dex.

My point is, while she'll be able to level up quick, she is ill-prepared to actually leverage his levels in any significant manner. No big deal, just means that she'll be VERY capable at catching pokemon, and if she takes the right features helping party members do the same. And she is of course welcome to take a class more suited to battle come level 25, juggler perhaps.

Adjusted according to being unable to take collector. Looks like Rarest Prize will be a while :P

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