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The Neverending Story

So the other amusement park owners form an evil league of villains called "Rollercoaster Booster Club Of Hate".

Which failed, because they didn't read the Evil Overlord list.

Their fsilure leads them all to commit suicide and their deaths are all blamed on Madhatter for his far too successful Jurassic Park Amusement Park.

That was the headline of yesterday's newspaper. The headline of today's newspaper is about a small dog named Captain Wolfenstein who did something very special this week.

Captain Wolfenstien then died of a heart attack. But much to the dismay of his owner, Senor Voodo Thompson, he then turned into a puddle of green goo.

Mr. Finklestein got some of the green goo on his hand, transforming him into SuperDogDude, a scottish terrier with a human head, and the strength of Superman.

At first SuperDogDude used his powers for good, but soon after he became crazy with power and attempted to take over earth with his army of diabolic robot monkeys

Then SuperDogDudette appeared to take on SuperDogDude and they instantly fell in love.


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