OOC discussion

If I forgot anything (was there anything in that zombie shipwreck?), tell me and I'll add it. Should probably tally the food in there too.

Found the ghoul boat stuff. I'm not sure if any of it was ever identified etc. Now'd be the time to do so if you need help as you're in a camp full of NPCs.

Looks like it.

I'm keen to continue but as far as I know, I'm waiting for PCs to equip themselves.

We're all still here and I can still post one update a day but it requires some steady input from the players too. I was thinking of doing a cut scene to you cats scouting out the Thrunefang village once you got your act together.

Are some of you PC's too busy to play or what's up? There's only been 2 PC posts in the last week and one of them was mine.

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