Cristi Oswin - Pokemon Babysitter

Hmmm interesting point of view you have

I'm, uh, wha...Huh?

<After several minutes of re-reading this last page>

Ok, ok, ok. Let me say this right here, right now. You want to argue stuff that isn't about Cristi, take your advice and please do it in PM. Seriously. This is my character's application thread, not a place for people to argue.

<Deep breaths>

On an on-topic note: If the game starts on the boat, odds are either story or Pico will make things roll as for our characters getting to know eachother, if the story starts post-boating, I'd be happiest if we simply said our characters got acquainted over Pico or her music (which she doesn't play too much publically but does carry her guitar), but we aren't best of buds.

That doesn't mean it won't happen in-game! Have hope! Its juust off-screening a friendship is something I've only done, like, twice. And the characters involved had intertwining in-depth backstories.

Like I said (and I apologize for that weirdness -- it kind of came at me out of left field) I was just throwing some ideas and stuff out there to see if any of that sounded cool to you.

As to the post-boating thing ... I am okay with either and/or both of them perhaps the Pico followed by the music got them acquainted.

As for the best of buds ... I do not think I actually suggested that as that would have taken a lot more time ... I was thinking more along the lines of friends via association through her father ... friendly enough to get around or help compensate for Hiero's social ineptitude ... basically trying to make a small connection with your father's expedition and my character's tentative mission kind of thing as well as make a minor connection with another potential player of the game <shrug> I hope that explains it a bit better and sorry for any confusion --- like I said normally stuff like does not happen

I'm fine with that! The reason I wrote Cristi traveling with her father was for hooks! So there we go! Cristi kinda-sorta knows him via her father's group. ^^

Sorry if I seem perturbed. I just got aggravated at seeing all the arguing. I hate arguing. Especially over something so nitpicky.

I am deeply sorry this discussion hijacked your character thread, that is inexcusable.

<sigh> you ain't the only one and I was a bit concerned about that myself --- still do not understand the why of it

Okay tell you what I still have a few more details I have to iron out with the GM and IF we both get in would you mind being the "face" kind of friend.

You know something like we are on some kind of friendly terms not necessarily solid friends just have an understanding of a sorts and my guy tags along sort of getting introduced as "This is my friend Hiero he's a bit shy so won't be saying much." Basically saying look you I know my dad ask me to help you out ... fine but you don't say anything got it... jeesh did your parents NOT teach you any social filters?

Or something like that --- maybe? Again just kind of fishing to see what might or might not sound good to you. Just trying to figure out how to get around this major social problem this character has in a perhaps fun kind of way.

Darchias: Your fine ^^ We're all here toe enjoy the game and character creation and stuff. No point in holding grudges or anything, ne?

DeJoker: Well, I can see that coming pretty quickly in-game. Cristi may have a good idea at how socially awkward Hiero is from meeting him and any (if any) past interactions (she does have a WIS and CHA that would make high level D&D clerics envious!) and she does have the personality to step up and help out others. It wouldn't take much for Cristi to pull a big sis and try to help out!

Cool and thanks for being understanding and all ... hope to see you in the game.

*Offers free hugs to all* I hope I get picked. Talked to Reemos and all is good. REEMOS Love you!


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