No the reason is that it is spelled the same way as Heiro in heiroglyphics just not pronounced that way

Actually I think I missed stated myself earlier I think its actually pronounced more like hai(r)-hrro which is to say the first part sound like hai as in hair I think that was the initial intent been a while since I created the name sorry

I like Heiro a lot. I hope we both get accepted. I really am also hoping I get a drunk totodile in game. HEHE

No more like a cross between Hairrow and Hero -- a bit hard to describe exactly but its like the word Gyros (the food item) which is actually pronounced "Gyear-ose, with the 'g' kind of aspirated the 'r' is kind of rolled" however it often gets pronounced jie-row or geer-row in America

Hey Mad where did you get the idea of a drunk totodile?

Ah okay.. hmm didn't realize that Totodiles drank liquor or got drunk when doing so

Someone mentioned, Requime Jeer I think, that the totodile in my character pic looked drunk. So I got it in my head that finding a totodile unboard the ship who drank all the captain's rum would be super fun and asked if it could happen. Reemos has not answered yet. Then Vinom offered to teach my Drunk Totodile, whom I have named Sippy now, Drunken Martial Arts.

So now the next Pokemon I want to get is a drunk and cuddly Totodile. LOL

Hmm now that is a rather interesting sequence of events -- who would of thunk


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