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You didn't respect me before? That kind of hurts man in all honesty. I didn't have any disrespect towards you or problems. Sorry to prod but I just go to know what I did that deserved your disrespect?

Also I watched 4 of the movies. About 15 episodes of the show. They make Ash a lot smarter, not much, but a bit more in the movies then the show. Yes that is the common anime protagonist flaw is being super tough and strong chosen one who is dumb. My character is not dumb, just of average intelligence.

But you're right about the expression thing. I agree with you there. There is only one anime I watch in which a main character is my favorite character. Not number 1 but number 3. So your theory still stands. Oh and if you're wondering what the show is. It's Naruto Shippuden. My fav list in order is Kakashi, Shikamaru, Naruto. Then for female leads is Hinata, Tsunade, I forget what her name is but the blond girl with pigtails who wields the big fan and fights with Gaarra. Also think she wants to bang Shikamaru.


Shikamaru and Temari are dating. According to early in the Shippuden manga. I don't know about now, since I stopped paying attention. (shounen animes..ugh!)

I don't read the manga. I have a disdain for Mangas. But I watch the anime. But everything hints to them dating. Thanks for the name drop. You don't see her very often so I can never remember what her name is. LOL

I don't know how you got that I did not respect you from that post, as the sentence 'I really do respect you a lot more' implies there was some respect before. I'll admit I was somewhat ambivalent about you before, but I never disrespected you.

Mangas are your friend. Mangas are good!

Seriously. You never get the whole story with animes if they have a manga form.

Manga's are not in color. If I want to read a book I will read a book. Add some colors to comics. That is the whole point. I have only ever made one exception to this and it was grudgingly made. That is when it comes to the Walking Dead Series or Essential Marvel comics. They also read backwards and it confuses me. Anime was made for tv not manga. You can't convey the sillyness and make things funny like nose bleed or big giant angry head in a manga/comic. It just looks stupid and makes me feel like an idiot for reading it.

These are my reasons for disliking manga. Doesn't mean I am right. Just means Mangas are not for me. I own 4. I just don't like reading them. I know some "Americanized" manga's are in color. But that's not a true manga either. Just the bastardization of one.

I am sorry if you got upset by that and I may have sounded defensive in retrospect. But I got to tell you that post just made me think you didn't like me before. Which started to make me wonder what is going on here and what I did wrong. I am kind of feeling like I am getting a rub off here. Everyone seems to be giving me the cold shoulder.

I hate to sound picky. But do people not want me to play in this game? Cause I will go if I am not wanted. I don't want to cause any problems. I could of been Mistaken Darchias but not sure. Anyways thanks for the compliment and sorry if I cam across the wrong way.

Possible New Theme Song. Just for me to you guys! And gals if there are any!

I saw the movie. Didn't really like it. So not going to bother reading the mangas.

books are always better than the movies. Except for super action movies.


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