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Different strokes for different folks -- some folks can easily fall in love with esoteric concepts that others cannot even fathom.

I mean consider a world filled with folks such as yourself seems to me it would be a pretty depressing place and no insult intended just a general observation of your character thus far -- heck you might actually be a pretty awesome dude in person you just seem to come across as rather judgmental and negative in your writing style and while I can handle it for the most part there are those that might find this ambiance to be a bit too much to take. Personally I am looking forward to getting a chance to get to know you better you seem like a pretty interesting dude albeit a bit rough around the edges <shrug> but hey no ones perfect aye?

A golden rule you might want to think about is -- "If you do not have anything good (aka positive) to say then do not say anything at all." Abraham Lincoln learned this lesson and was considered a pretty awesome guy in retrospect because of it.

Granted helping others create more solid characters is actually a good thing however as I mentioned before if you could learn to do it in a more friendly manner you would get nicer and to some degree more successful results. Or at least quicker ones.

Lastly you might find it helpful to just learn to accept people for who they are and leave it at that. I mean does it hurt anyone that MadHatter is jubilant about the game? Does it hurt anyone that he does not have a seeming solid grasp of the genre? (I say seeming because maybe he does in some ways but not in others). If no -- which seems to be the case to me -- then why make a negative comment about either of these things. Does it add something to the game (no) does it help MadHatter learn more about the game or genre (no) -- all it effectively does is tear someone else down and sadly that tears you down in the process because that is the subtle nature of negativity you can not put it forth without it actually affecting yourself with it as well even if you do not realize it.

Okay, nothing I said there was actually negative. I don't do the passive aggressive social warfare shit. What I say is what I say, and I strive to be as precise as possible with my language so there is no misunderstanding. Any negativity there is in the eye of the beholder.

I even said it didn't matter!

I did admit to not being the most fluent in Pokemon world. I sort of liked it a tiny bit. Like one of those passing interests when you were a kid. I just love roleplaying games of all sorts really. So would I watch the show and play the video games? No I would not! Would I read the wiki and watch a movie or two to help me out with this game. Yes I would!

Above all else I love the characters created and I love my character. I don't even care if I end up being the strongest or weakest trainer. I am worried more about fluff then mechanics. I am glad I had the help from Requiem and will look forward to, IF I AM ACCEPTED, any more advice or feedback that folks deem necessary.

I thought this was obvious but will state it again here. Yes I modeled myself a little bit after Ash but with my own spin on things. Why? Because Ash is awesome and a kick ass trainer. When I went Ace Trainer and Enduring Soul I knew who I wanted to model my character after. I also wanted one pokemon to be my best friend, to help flesh out the character and explain his low charisma.

Also Requim. Can you please not hijack other peoples threads to talk about me. SORRY I AM DOING SO NOW! After this post I wont post anymore in here about this to derail the thread further. I promise friend!

If you have a problem with me or my character, post it in MY (Drevlon) character thread. Not someone elses. Oh and for the record I spend about 30 minutes each day reading the pokemon wiki and browsing a couple other websites to learn more about the pokemon world and types. Including a couple pages of the rulebook each day. Like I know understand how berries and items work. Above all else I want to have fun.

The befriending people was done as a joke like friendly cute thing. I did it to two people and they liked it so I know I am doing it for everyone who creates a character for this. Kind of like a running gag? Does it really bother you so much Requim? Do I do it in every game? No I do not.

I don't know what that means or who that applies to Attikol. Could you provide more details please? Thank you!

I think he is simply saying that you, myself, Jeer, and DeJoker all have a penchant of very long posts to show our point of view.

Oh! LOL, I see it now. I thought he was talking game mechanics again. Man slip up there. Thanks Darchias. It is so simple now that you pointed it out!


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