Sneak Attack!

Sneak Attack!

While the smaller races went off to their talks, the ogres were left with the young human. "Alright, while we have the diplomats off and happy, we need to strike quickly." The demi-spirit ushered the others closer. "How do you two feel about a sneak attack?"

Oric smiles. I'm in. Now your talking my language.

Oric quietly touches his scouts headband to active its truesight property. He wants to know if this human is really who he says he is, and not a demon, before Oric revels his old clans secret.

Oric looks at the human and says in common. If the demons have a magical portal here all I need to do is get within ten miles of it and I will know right where to strike. When we got whisked away to this realm, I was the keeper of the clans most guarded relic. My clan used this relic to locate and destroy many of our enemy's hidden strongholds and demon portals before the last battle. Finding it is not really the problem, destoying it will be. My beasts and I might not be quiet but we can strike hard and fast. What do you have in mind?

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