1 bottle of brandy
A darkwood model of the Jenivere in a glass bottle
A small wooden coffer containing 350 gp
4 potions of cure light wounds (Tyranthius)
1 potion of cure moderate wounds
4 potions of lesser restoration
1 potion of remove disease
1 potion of water breathing
1 potion of water walking
30 pounds of teak planks, dowels and wedges
2 fishing nets
A grappling hook
2 bullseye lanterns
12 flasks of oil
4 shovels
1 pickaxe
6 screw clamps
Cartography and navigation tools
Block and Tackle
1 set of manacles
3 keys (one for the captain's footlocker, one for the manacles one unknown)
Several maps covering the route from Varisia to Sargava
The Captain's Logbook
150' of rope
20'x15' of Canvas sail cloth

From the abandoned hut:
Mouldy journal with fragmentary entries

From the Thrunefangs:
Two large wooden shields, two pitted scimitars, two slings with no bullets and six short spears.

From the Abandoned Crow's Tooth (driftwood) camp:
1 MW Dagger - Tyranthius

From the ghoul boat:
A set of fine clothes,
2 MW daggers, each tucked into an ornate sheath
Fine hobnailed jackboot
A small leather-bound wooden box with 4 vials, One is empty, but 2 hold a thin light blue liquid and the last holds a viscous orange fluid.
A small leather pouch with 10gp, 16sp
Elven clothes (Ceremonial silk robes, green with silver trim, carved wooden sandals, and a green cape and hat, each with matching silver trim)
A quiver of arrows (In elven written on the side "Sing the arrow swiftly home")
A pouch containing ivory-carved elven deities
A locket on a silver chain round out the compliments of the footlocker. The locket has a finely rendered portrait of a beautiful elven woman contained within.

Hawkler would like the arrows please. 1 cure light wound potion, manacles and key

Tyranthius is gonna leave 2 Torches, a set of caltrops and his 50' of silk rope behind. We should also try to identify those 3 vials...

My perception is +7

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