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Background looks good: It seems you still have to select your feats and buy some more gear, though. You've got 1500 gp to burn. You could make your sword masterwork, for starters: +1 to your attack rolls with it.

Double the amount of swordsage apps to any others! Lot's of competition there. I think it's because of the versatility of the class. I tried to make mine a little unique. Let me know what you think.

A Crusader halfling is a winning combination, if only for the impracticality.

Swordsages are the most diverse with maneuvers so I'm not surprised they're so popular. I like them and Warblades for different reasons. I haven't played a Crusader yet though I will be signing up in a gestalt game with a Crusader/Cleric.

*hugs Saphira* well Saphira just wouldn't be the same as a crusader or warblade.

And that's me finished! The background's really short though...

I'm just waking up (11:38 AM)...

Yesterday was the party of the first hacking conference in Chile (like Defcon or Blackhat), it was Awesome!! With Capital A.

But still creepy how much I learnt, in a few moments I just wanted to crawl under my bed and hide.

Read the threads, expect slow updates during the weekend (Birhtdays!!) :P

Most of you have finished up, but there are still a few applications left unfinished.

Really hoping to get into this game *fingers crossed* so far haven't got into a game, but this one is a bit more focused on the character side than the mechanics which I like.

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