IC Thread 1: Ch. 1, Stolen Land

Ambushing the Bandtis

07:00, Fireday, 1 Gozran, 4710 AR, Age of Lost Omens

You spend the better part of the evening and some of the night preparing your ambush for the bandits. Sergei sets up on the southern palisade wall, hidden by the sharpened logs of the wall itself and a stack of crates on the side facing the yard. With the help of a ladder, Tallamor hides on the roof of the stable, behind a jury-rigged platform Oleg nailed into place with some crates and barrels for cover; hopefully, the bandits won't notice it, since it resembles a platform from which the trader might make roof repairs. Aleksandra hides in the stables near the ajar door, sword at the ready, while Castille hides in the storage shed, fully armed and armored.

That morning, when everyone is in place, you wait in the twilight before sunrise with baited breath. A cool mist hangs low in the air, covering those of you outside in a layer of fresh dew. Then, shortly after the sun rises, Sergei hears something: the pounding of hooves on muddy ground. The bandits emerge from the mist: four of them on horseback, leading a pair of horses without riders behind by a lead. They trot right through the open gateway, dismounting. Oleg is waiting for them in the yard, Svetlana safe inside their cabin. The bandits don't even bother drawing weapons. They all seem to be armed with bows and short swords, clad in leather armor with hooded cloaks. Two of the horses are equipped with pack saddles, no doubt to carry off their ill-gotten gains.

One of the bandits, the tallest and most muscular-looking of the bunch, steps forward, giving Oleg a shove.
"You're up bright and early, Oleg. Where's your wife, eh? Getting your 'taxes' ready?"
The goons behind him chuckle stupidly.
Oleg remains stoic, although his ears are burning bright red, even at a distance. The bandits don't seem to have noticed you... Oleg glances at the cracked doors of the stable and storage shed, then at the southern palisade...

Aleksandra Valyreth, Dilletante Swordswoman

That night, Aleksandra had trouble sleeping.

Not from worry, but from excitement. The group had literally just entered the Stolen Lands, and already they were trying their skills against banditry.

Standing in the dim gloom of the barn, sword lightly gripped in one hand, Sandra grits her teeth a little as the leader starts shoving around Oleg. That's good enough for her, and with her free hand, she makes a complicated gesture and speaks a few words of magic, conjuring a glimmering shield around her. Whether her companions start firing or not, she'll be entering the fray immediately afterwards.

Sergei has trouble sleeping that night, constantly thinking of this new chance for vengeance against the lawless scum who infest society.

The next morning he takes his place on the southern wall and watches as the bandits enter the traiding post. Four again. Stupid, very stupid. As the leader begins pushing Oleg aside, Sergie rises up from his hiding place to attack.

Tallamor spends four hours in deep reverie, dreamlike images flashing in a surreal juxtaposition atop the real-world surroundings around him. Almost like clockwork, he snaps his green eyes open at the end of the fourth hour. Having rested as much as an elf needs, he immediately retrieves his spellbook and begins the hour of intensive concentration and study necessary to commit his spells to memory. With careful consideration of the many scenarios playing through his mind, he picks through his book and memorizes the ones he deems most appropriate for the work ahead of him.

Several hours later, Silverlips crouches behind the makeshift shelter atop the stable, peering down into the courtyard. As the bandits make their way forward, the elf chuckles to himself at their utter lack of wariness. With their defenses down and their horses blocking any escape, Tallamor stealthily opens his scroll case and pulls out a rolled up sheet of parchment. He begins to read the arcane runes in a quick but decisively-accurate fashion, tracing his slender finger in an intricate pattern that leaves the air shimmering as it moves. He directs his gesturing at Castile's location.

My second shot goes to Bandit #1 (not the leader)

Dice Roll: 1d20+4
d20 Results: 16 (Total = 20)

And damage if it hits...

Dice Roll: 1d8+2
d8 Results: 4 (Total = 6)

The ambush begins with a single arrow fired by Sergei on the wall. It strikes the bandit leader square in the shoulder blade, and he lets out a cry of pain. A look of general confusion washes over the bandits; they seem completely thunderstruck that they're being attacked.
Still in their hiding places, Castile and Aleksandra cast protective spells, erecting barriers of force to protect them; Aleksandra's in the form of an invisible disc that hovers before her like a shield, Castile with an all-encompasing field of faithful protection.
Oleg makes a break for his cabin, giving Sergei a cleaner shot. His second arrow finds its target, sinking into the upper arm of one of the bandits. He screams in pain and terror, and clambers on one of the nearby horses. However, the animal rears and trumpets, unable to be controlled at the sight and smell of fresh blood. The rest of the horses whicker nervously.
Castile steps out of the storage shed, mace in hand. Up on the roof of the stable, Tallamor finishes casting his spell, pointing at the cleric down below. Castile feels the strange sensation of his height doubling, his equipment matching the supernatural growth. He suddenly towers over the bandits, all of them still unarmed, frightened, and just begging to be squished...

Aleksandra Valyreth, Dilletante Swordswoman

With her glimmering shield of force now following her every move, Aleksandra dashes out of the shade of the stables, speaking a single word of magic. A similar glimmer swirls around the blade of her sword as she charges the bandit that just mounted his horse, or one of the other bandits should they get in her way.

With a shout of, "Don't think you can get away that easily!", Sandra's sword flicks out in a broad arc at her chosen target.

Round 2

As Castile feels the strange sensation of his body enlarging, he makes a swing for the bandit leader with his mace. However, he is unused to his unwieldily new size, and his mace impacts the dirt next to the nimble criminal. One of the uninjured bandits draws his short sword and makes a dash around the giant cleric, attempting to set up a flank. Castile makes an opportunistic swing at him, but the bandit ducks under the attack in the nick of time.
The bandit leader moves away from the towering form of Castile, drawing his composite longbow as he does so. He takes cover near an empty wagon, providing some defense against Sergei's sniping. "They've got a bloody elf mage up there!" he yells, pointing at the roof of the stables. He draws an arrow, and with deadly accuracy lodges an arrow straight into Tallamor's shoulder, despite his favorable cover. The man seems to have an abnormally deadly knowledge of elven anatomy; the wizard falls unconscious to the floor of his platform, out of sight of the enemy, but beginning to bleed out... "Ha! Not anymore..." the leader says with a chuckle.
Aleksandra moves forward, finding the bandit next to Castile. Ironically, the bandit winds up flanked, and she takes advantage to lash out with a devastating slash. The bandit still stands afterward, wide-eyed and bleeding from a gash in his right leg, beads of sweat dripping down his terrified face.
The last unharmed bandit draws his short sword and moves in to flank Castile, oblivious of his partner's loss of morale (and blood). Castile, distracted by the felling of Tallamor, is unprepared for the bandit's attack. With a vicious thrust, the scoundrel punches his blade straight through the cleric's left knee. The pain is so great that Castile's titanic form plummets face-first to the ground. The bandit gives a triumphant shout.
"Take cover, you moron!" shouts the leader. The celebrant bandit glances at the palisade wall, wary of Sergei's deadly arrows...


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