Avery Kumiho-Poison type Breeder

If it comes to Supernatural I tend to know about it. LOL

*Spike get's excited and uses ember on Skychaser and gets excited stealing the cookie*

So poison mons huh. Cool

I just realized you and Satsui share a text color...

*narrows eyes challengingly*

Hmm I just realized that as well *shifty eyes*

Yeah I thought it really isn't a specialty you see much and there are some fun mons you could play that way. I might take him to be a Ghost or Dark type as a secondary Type Ace depending on what I start catching. Yet he won't be going all emo or anything since he will be about educating people on Poison types and caring for his mons as a Breeder. Also I just love the concept of having like a random litter of Poison types.

I like this combination... You may want to consider Ninja or Strategist as other potential trainer classes, as both synergize well with poison type ace, mostly because poisoning paralyzation and other stat ailments, which are commonly available to poison-mons , are useful to both classes.

That would stretch his multiple ability dependence even further mind you. I mean, breeder's don't need more then 22 in wisdom and charisma, but he would be better off trying to leverage his stats. I mean, improved type attacks is pretty much the only type ace feature that uses con, and granted it is a reasonable thing to dump given poison's relatively poor offensive type matchups, he would probably be better off leveraging his good stats, with either a breeder advanced class (for your character concept, chef or hatcher would work well), or maybe by going coordinator. That said, ninja has a special inroad from poison ace and would not be inappropriate.


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