OOC Thread

Hey guys, I'm feeling not so hot right now, kinda on the sick end of things. I'll have a post up when I can think right sorry.

Wish u well...

Tosc will definately go visit with his 'old friend' Yerek

I'm marginally better, so I'll try to get a the new threads up today. Not having the most wonderful week as of yet, but have a job interview in the morning tomorrow, and hit 4 months married yesterday, so some good is coming at least

Whow, your surviving the marriage for that long?! lol!.

Baby steps is all And as I have a midterm in the am, I'm going to have to postpone making the threads until tomorrow afternoon But I promise I will have them up and ready to go tomorrow. Scouts honor.

No problem, all in good time. I didn't get my character finally leveled up until yesterday anyways hehe.

Tomorrow, scouts honour? hmmz... nothing of that I guess :+P


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