Chapter 1: The Movement

The dragon bites at Ragok, and claws fiercely at the horse and Cade. The horse is killed instantly, but the dragon concentrated too much on that attack and Ragok and Cade swiftly dodge.

Alcaris seeing limited actions attempts to grapple the small dragon.

Failing to overpower the dragon Alcaris isn't entirely surprised, but that wouldn't stop him from trying again.

Daniel groaned as he regained consciousness. For a moment, he wondered what he had been doing. Looking at the dragon, he remembered. Getting up, he quickly moved as far away from the dragon as he could while keeping close enough to attack, ending up besides Isabella.

(HP: 4/8)

Izzy scrambles around to the side of the dragon, hoping to keep from being clustered with the rest of her companions. She reaches into her pouch, and draws another bullet, reloading his pistol as quickly as she can.

OOCMove and standard to reload. The glamourous turn of a gunslinger


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