Sergeant Terrance Adama

Growing up in the rough-and-tumble gutters of the 'Scorpia Downs' (the slum 'associated with' the 'Spacetown' surrounding grounside facilities supporting Scorpia Shipyards), young Terrance was raised in a higher-class brothel of whores (actually nicer, kinder people than everyone seems to think) and taught in the streets (where he learned to alway finish a fight with his opponent needing to be transport to either a hospital or a morgue, and also everything he knows of the knife). He was content with life, gained a good education (her mother's repeat clients--often amused by the child's intelligent questions before he was shooed out of the room--would bring him older, unclassified Colonial Defense Ministry manuals and educational primers they picked up), had several female friends (once he was 12, also plenty of romantically-involved girlfriends; he understands women, having been raised by a brothel-full of whores), make a good living (kid is good with the odds; poker, races, even betting on the Fleet Wargames, he tends to win), and learned how the ins-and-outs of the criminal syndicates (although he freelanced). That changed significantly when he turned 14.

His paternal grandparents found him. (His mother's parents were dead.) Appalled at the conditions he was living in, the Adama family pulled together (other than 'Bill', who never really got along with his extended clan structure), brought some subtle pressure to bear in the Colonial Courts, and had custody of Terrance awarded to his grandparents. They promptly drug him back to Tauron with them. While they were quite rich, Terrance missed the streets, the vibrant liveliness...the betting. His grandparents' security (hired from former Colonial Marines and the best of the Tauronese PDF) stopped him from leaving the family estate no less than seventeen times in the first three months he was on Tauron. Forced to attend the expensive, exclusive, and expectant 'Atlas Academy for Civil Futures' (a co-ed boarding school specializing in difficult and talented students), Terrance hit bottom after a month.

And then the Ha'La'tha contacted him. Tipped off by the people Terrance had freelanced for back on Scorpia, they had their member inside Atlas Academy make contact and begin taking him (and couple students they wished to recruit) out on "study trips", where they allowed the young man to roam free and conduct his business as the Ha'La'tha wooed the other students. He graduated from Atlas Academy with top grades, a nearly-flawless record after his first five weeks, glowing commendations from all of his teachers...and a couple million cubits he had made playing the bets. With the recommendations of his school and the support of the Adama clan, Terrance headed out into the world.

And ended up in front of a Court, his fortunes completely reversed, almost a year later, as a successful bet caused a rich Tauron businessman to hunt him down (convinced Terrance had cheated), attacking him (in company with his hired mercenaries) as Terrance was conducting business with the Ha'La'tha. The resulting ruckus leads to dead businessman, mostly-dead mercenary unit, dead lieutenant of the Guatrau, critically-injured daughter of Guatrau, and police everywhere. Terrance wisely keeps his mouth tightly shut other than to say that he was meeting with his bookie (true) and that the rich guy accosted him him accompanied by armed mercenaries, accusing him of cheating (also true). Once the Guatrau passed a message to Terrance that there were 'no hard feelings, not your fault' and that his daughter (who Terrance was dating) was recovering well, Terrance explained exactly what had been going on: He had been meeting with his bookie (Terrance was making quarter-million-cubit-plus bets and usually winning) and a pissed-off rich guy who was deluded enough to think Terrance cheated him showed up (with mercenaries in tow) and attempted to gun him down. Everyone else was just defending themselves.

Terrance was still found guilty of Criminal Conspiracy (Illegal Gambling), and sentenced to either 20 years of hard labor, or military service. He joined the Colonial Marines, and quickly became expert in boarding operations and communications equipment...although his greatest gifts were still "knowing the lay of the land" and betting. He has been in the Marines for seven years, and has been assigned to the Meleager for the last three. He is infamous for his attachment to his D5 Orbital well as his violent ways with those that hurt women.