Goshan Twins

ATSP Adoree Goshan, Aerospace Technician (Avionics Specialist), Deck Division, Escortstar Meleager

Specialist Adoree Goshan (schedule to be promoted on the noon of the day Galactica retires) was raised on Caprica in the private estate-compound of the reclusive (and very wealthy) Goshan family. Heard of, but rarely seen, the Goshan daughters joined the Fleet the day that everyone at the compound (all 310 people including Goshan clan, staff, and families of staff) were shockingly killed. A probe by Colonial Authorities revealed that the girls had left around noon (the slaughter took place around 1730 that evening) after a fierce argument with their father to have one last 'night on the town' before enlisting. They were passed through trainng on Gemenon in order to allow them to be spared the media hounding (as opposed to the usual practice of sending recruits through the Basic Training Center on their world of recruitment). Adoree remembers nothing before enlisting, however, due to the trauma of knowing her family was butchered.

After passing through Basic, she chose to become an Avionics Technician, where the high level of education her parents supported stood her well. Meleager was her and her sister's first assignment two years ago, and Adoree is well-liked by the crew. It should be noted, however, that, like her sister, she has Vorkosigan-Haut Syndrome (although hers is Type Two, and in its third of five stages); it is a treatable disorder that is higly responsive to medication, and results from neurochemical imbalances combined with non-standard gray matter structuring. As it is present in over 5% of the Colonial Population--and research has tied it to high levels of creativity and technical aptitude--and its effects are completely negated with medication (unless the affected becomes concussed), Fleet allows it as an acceptable pre-existing health condition. Other than the CO, LT Fenk, SCPO Sternjekcz, and PO1 Mundy, no one aboard Meleager is aware they are twins or of the file attached to their personnel files and the classified information it contains.

HM3 Zelena Goshan, Corpsman (supporting Deck Division), Escortstar Meleager

Zelena has much the same background as her twin, aside from the fact that she does remember everything, she spent her timing practicing 'physical skills' instead of focusing on academics like her sister, and the fact that her Vorkosigan-Haut Syndrome is the rare Type III (occurs in less than .2% of the population), and that it is currently is the Psi stage (Alpha being the short period when it manifests intially, and Omega being the point when sometime after 40 your nervous system suddenly collapses and you die). As type III neither requires nor responds to treatment, she only has an unusual sensitivity to concussions. (Type I, II, and III all lose sensitivity to concussion-caused seizures at Omega stage, but since you are dying anyway in an excruciating fashion, it is usually a moot point.) While her sister chose to work with Avionics, Zelena chose to work with people...with the sole, ironclad, agreement in their contracts that they always be assigned to the same vessel. Fleet agreed readily.

The only surprises in Basic were for her instructors: unlike the majority of Fleet Trainees, Zelena had martial arts training. Actually, it would be more accurate to say the Zelena had extensive high-threat multi-agressor hostile-biased combat training. She laid out five of the six unarmed instructors on the first day of hand-to-hand training, and the sixth (the token Marine Unarmed Combat Expert) admitted that she and Zelena were effectively equal in skill. While Zelena is decent with firearms, once she is in close enough to use thrown objects, melee weapons, or her limbs...the hostile is dead and just doesn't know it yet. Passing the Fleet Corpsman Course with high marks, Zelena--like her sister--was then assigned to Meleager.

Her only faults are her concern for her sister's well-being, fears about her sister's health, extremely lethal reaction to people who intentionally threaten her sister (or repeatedly threaten her well-being through negligence), and her notable addiction to sexual activities (and the lengths she will go to to 'get some'). Given her very high self-control and extensive physical training in a wide range of fields, Zelena can seduce anyone of either sex (she is not picky on that account) that she thinks would make a good, interesting partner. Being from the Medical Branch, she is outside almost everyone's chain of command, so she can sleep with anyone who is A) Not an officer, and, B) Not working in the Meleager's Medical Department. (She has not yet successfully seduced Cpl. Crane--who, as a Marine, is in a separate Department--but she is going to keep trying until she succeeds.) Unfortunately, given two years and the half-complement of crew, Zelena is down to Cpl. Crane, SCPO Sternjekcz, PO1 Mundy, SSgt. Burke, the new Deck Chief, and the Officers. Crane is dodging (Zelena is guessing natural shyness), 'Stern Decks' is in a long-standing polygamous marriage, PO1 Mundy took her up on an offer of dinner (even signed out a Raptor and flew her to a high-class resturant in Caprica City after a day of shopping) but turned her down cold while laughing (he is asexual at this point), Burke is staunchly homosexual in his tastes...that leaves her the new Deck Chief...or breaking her own long-standing rule and start seducing Nuggets. (And Nuggets are rarely that interesting...)