The Reaper

The Reaper

Race: Immortal Angel of Death
Class: Scythe-Wielding Bad-ass (We'll call him a "sorcerer" for lack of a better class name)

Perhaps as old as death itself, Reaper acts as ferryman between the living and the dead. This is not to say that death would not occur were the Reaper to be destroyed, but he acts as both an agent of death, dispensing it where it is necessary and freeing souls trapped in this world. He has a natural hate for the undead, as these creatures mere existence spit in death's face, and so he will destroy any undead which he encounters, regardless of any other sort of morals. Be these facts as they may, the Reaper is still an angel, and has been known on occasion to act as a guardian. When the Angel of Death becomes directly involved in affairs, it never bodes well for the other side. No creature or man or lich has ever survived an assault by the Reaper. Indeed his scythe may be powerful, but his abilities go far beyond the mere death dealing power of his magical tool.
Recently, death has taken to spending much of his time in a statuesque state deep within the oldest citadel known to the world. Deep within a long dead and dangerous land, this menacing Angel keeps his worldly body, waiting quietly for cause to stir. It is rumored that those who make their way to him may beg his aid, though few have dared, and none have succeeded. So it has been for 15 decades.

That's a really cool story bro.
How many decades must pass before you'll be allowed out to play?

It's not that I'm not allowed to play. I've just been choosing not too for a helluva long time.

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