No worries. The only ones left to post haven't been online in nearly a week. Unfortunately, I don't really have time to post the intended result of everyone's actions, so it will have to wait for tomorrow evening when I get home from work. Thank you all for letting me know what's up and I'll see about working with what I have here.

: ]

Hey all, so just to keep you all posted: I'm out in the way-out-there country now and my partner and I are still working on getting the internet connection thing figured out. So, until that's done my coming online is super scattered. Keep you all posted and such.

Also, happy Summer's end everyone. Get prepared for the darker half of the year. It begins today!

Hopefully life will get a little more normal when I get back from the upcoming trip. Til then, feel free to do with William what you need.

It's no problem. I've found myself at a bit of a loss with the activity going on with the MW site in general. Oh well.

As for RL getting in the way, I certainly understand. If you happen to have been displaced or adversely affected by the storm up in the northeast, our thoughts are with you.

I'll have an update up tomorrow evening (hopefully)

Why do I get the sense that someone farted in the elevator?

Is everyone okay? Perhaps there's something I'm missing or doing wrong? Even the regular posters have been silent for a while now.

I'm still here. But since my character is mostly a medic with mechanic skills and no situation yet to use them, she's quietly moving with the group, keeping her eyes and ears open and waiting for a chance to contribute.

I'm not at all worried that she doesn't need to heal anyone right now because most people try to avoid requiring a medic.
When she's needed, she'll be there.

Unless you need everybody to post 'We follow Jason' it seems we are pretty much waiting to find out what happens next. At least I am.

Yeah, sorry I've had a few tests this week as we're about to hit Thanksgiving Vacation, I'll try to post more often.

No worries on that at all. Some I noticed hadn't been on since the 30 of October which was when the storm hit the Northeast, which made me concerned for their well being.

As for nothing to do, I personally blame myself for failing to split the group. *casts ominous shadow*

I'll update with a cinematic on the weekend sometime. Tomorrow evening I begin an 8 day vacation in which I've chosen to show my face in certain social circles that I haven't seen in nearly a whole year. Take care until then.

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