Non Sequitur

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Who Would Win


Black vs White vs Blue vs Orange morality.

Black. Because Black is the new black.

Gordon Freeman, or Morgan Freeman?

Hexadecimal. If you watched ReBoot, you'd know why.

Coke vs Pepsi.


Oh wait, you meant the brand.

Dungeons vs dragons.

Dr. Strange is the MASTER of the mystic arts. He's beat tons of dimension-hopping baddies. Fate can't compete.

Dr. Doom vs. Lex Luthor.

Doctor Doom. He has more money and well his gauntlet can do anything. Lex Luthor is cancer victim in an ugly suit. No chance.

Doctor Monroe vs Doctor Frankenstein

Dr. Frankenstein. He could cheat and have his monster do all the fighting while he sits back with a bucket of 'corn and a notepad to start writing out his plans for the next monster.

Sheldon Cooper vs. Comic Book Guy


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