House Rules/Things To Remember

Just a few things to for my returning players to remember and for the new folks to know.

Perversity Points (PP):

You can use these to affect any roll, but only a max of 5 pp per roll. If you want to affect another player/NPC's roll who is trying to attack you state so before hand. IE: "If player A shots at me I want to use 5 pp to try and make him miss." This is not the best way, but in PbP it is. In tabletop versions you are allowed to affect their roll as soon as someone makes it. We obviously can't do that here.


1d20. Yup.

If you like you can put your skill number with your roll. It will make your UV happy!

I will not make you roll in private tags. But I advise it.


Bots in Alpha Complex do not have a clearance. They answer to the Computer and citizens of all clearance. In that order. Obviously they will answer to a higher clearance over a lower.

Remember orders are open to interpretation!


Do yourself a favor and ask them in the private thread.