General OOC

I'm going to finish my app shortly. Sorry it's been sitting there so long, I was taking some time to get her backstory formed in my mind.

EDIT: And done. If there's any glaring flaws, please let me know!

I noticed you're using a bastard sword: Do warblades have proficiency in that from the get-go? I'm out of town this weekend on family business, so I can't check. Hence, why the cutoff date is Monday.

And remind me what Adaptive Style does...


Bastard sword (2H) is technically a martial weapon, so yes, a Warblade would be able to use it. Using a bastard sword 1H, however, requires Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword). I know, because I'm doing the full spectrum for the bastard sword use.

Adaptive style allows you to re-prepare your abilities in 1 full-round action instead of the standard 5 minutes.

Thanks Aiden. He has it right, and it's why I'm using it two-handed. Also, the bastard sword is a weapon of choice for Diamond Mind and Iron Heart. The Iron Heart connection is the main reason I picked it.

Wow, thanks Erico!

Just a favor? can you unblock the app thread for a little while so I can copy my character pelase?

All other players, welcome aborad!

Hey Celtic... just a couple of question about Melanie's brother? He's in the Martial Order isn't he?

Thread re-opened: Sorry about that.

And Melanie's adopted brother Christopher was stated in the background to be in "The Gatekeepers", and given that she indicated in her IC post that he'd mentioned Captain Sakfey before, it stands to reason that not only was he of the Martial Order, but that he's also a Watch Patrolman as well.

true, sorry about that.

Would yo umind that Chris and Mia know each other from before? just as a way to relate the characters

Uh, I used the term "sword" as a common way to refer to members to the martial order If that is not ok, I'll just correct it

It's fine by me if they've met each other. =) Christopher is supposed to have a bit more experience than Melanie but not be an incredibly high rank, if that makes sense.

Look forward to playing with you!

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