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What's the likelyhood of living if I jump off the balcony? Or a more sane idea, what kind of defense bonus would I get for going prone in the smoke?

Friday was a busy day.
Happy belated Birthday to me and the game. I had previously chosen the game to share my birthday, as it started around that time way back then. And it is still limping along.

Game Birthday Present
to take place after this encounter:

3 Year Birthday Weapon Bonus Feat: one free weapon proficiency feat (or martial arts)!
Options include:
Advanced Melee
A single specific Exotic Weapon (you guys have a CR-1 Blast Cannon or two that are exotic)
Martial Arts I (or MA II if you meet prereqs)

Indicated what you take here or in your private XP thread.

NOTE: On next level up, you can retrain a previous General or Bonus Feat you specifically chose (not starting class feats) if you take the same feat now. I.E. if you have Advanced Melee already and take it now with this, you can retrain your old Advanced Melee to something else on level up (like Weapon Focus or something else entirely)

Bonus feats count as if you had them at level 1 or at the first level you meet all the prerequisites.

Going to advance tomorrow or friday.
Give SEAL a chance today to get a post in.

Just so you guys know, we are way off the rails and it will be interesting to see you guys adapt and overcome.

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