Items for Sale!

Items for Sale!

Everything on page 48, page 73 has weapons and price:

Bouncy Bubble Beverage:
Classic 4
Experimental 5
X-traphedrine Rush!!! 10
Glasnost Grape ** 30
Original ** 350

CruncheeTym algae chips:
Somewhat Spicy! 7
Capsicum Crunch 10
Salt & Vinegar 40
Zesty Strawberry-Cheeze 25

Cold Fun (Pink, Brown or Vanilla):
Pint container 16
55-gallon drum 7k

ChocoLike Vita-Yum Bar 10

Chocolyke Puff Crunchers 35

Chocolyke Can Opener 16

Insta-Noodles in a Cup 6

Insta-Noodle flavor pack 4

‘One-Serv’ Water Boiler 800

Cancer-Free Cigarettes 30

Absolutely Cancer-Free Cigarettes 40

Cancer-Curing Cigarettes 100

Pyroxidine injection 200

Zybenzaphrene/Slumber soft tablet 75

Asperquaint capsule 40

Rolactin capsule 600

Telescopalamine injection 100

Benetridin/Videoland tablet 250

Benetridin injection 300

Thymoglandin/Combat Quick tablet 400

Sneakers, white w/red stripes 10k

Ink refills:
Yellow 5
Green 80
Blue 300
Indigo 200
White 450

Refillable lighter 50

Lighter fluid 250

Fake laser barrels:
Green 125
Blue 175
Indigo 275
Violet 375
White 500

Special Interest Items:
Reflec upgrade: Box of SeeKwinz
‘You glue all these little reflective dots on your reflec. Its refractive index goes up as much as 41%, making it effective against higher frequency beams!’
Price: ‘Normally goes for 500 a box, I’m selling today for 350.’

Reflec upgrade: Polyshine spray ‘Just spray-on once and see how much higher it raises your albedo. Much more reflective.’
Price: ‘Most places will ask 2,000; I have an overstock, so...1,500?’

Self-aiming slugthrower ‘You can pretty much just wave this in the general direction of your target. No problem.’
Price: ‘1800. No, wait, I can’t cheat a projectile fan like you. 1200.’

Foam underbody
‘A reworked foam pad you can wear under your jumpsuit to protect from impact.’
Price: ‘Please! 200 credits each is a trifle when you remember it’s for your own safety.’

Emergency alarm
‘Detects fire, radiation, presence of mutants, you name it. Comes with eight different alert voices!’
Price: ‘Special introductory price of only 300 credits.’

‘Piston-actuated servo-controlled limb assistant lets you keep going when you should be down.’
Price: ‘Last year’s model, so I’m letting them go for a mere 1200 each.’

Psychiatric assessment cards
‘Use them to determine if someone is insane, on drugs, or affected by secret society propaganda.’
Price: ‘This is the uncertified version, so I can let it go for a mere 1000 creds.’

Repellent spray
‘Keeps insects away. What are insects? Like very small bots. Nasty.’
Price: ‘A steal at 10 credits.’

‘Never be lonely again.’
Price: ‘What’s 1200 creds compared to eternal friendship?’

BackStage Pass
‘Will open any door, any door, regardless of security clearance.’
Price: ‘I can’t let this go for less than 10,000 credits. Are you kidding?'

*Anything in 'quotes' is the salesmen describing what it is and the price.

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