Red Hand Reunion

Red Hand Reunion - Round 7

Sengir throws another bolt of radiant energy at the skeleton, but soon frowns when his blast hits the throne - failing to connect with the creaking animated bones. Dawn wishes that Panitari wouldn't back up away from the guiding magic of Sally. Forced to move she backs up next to the psion, points Sally at the wererat and let's loose a bolt.

"First the wererat, then the skeleton," Dawn thinks to the kalshatar. Her thoughts are heard by Sengir as well. Confidence returns with Bel's abomination brother gone and the carnage demon unmoving in a pool of it's own blood. The confidence doesn't waver even when her shot fails to connect with her target.

Bel continues her mad dash to find her step mother before Slygoth kills her. Something in the back of her mind begins wondering about these wererats, too now. Addy's bindings were chewed through by rats... Her conscious mind can't make any leaps though, all she can do is rush. The wererat swings his sword at the passing elf, but she easily evades the attack. Stigley takes advantage of the momentary distraction, and cuts his blade across the back of the wererat. Narrowly dodging the wererat she charges up the darkening corridor and around the corner.

"Sounds like a good plan to me" Dawn hears in her mind from Panitari as she focuses on the wererat and tries to
attack it's mind, but fails to connect. An arrow
3 Damage
tears across Panitari's forehead, grazing the psychic.

The wererat looks like it is about to come after Dawn again, but instead changes his mind. He charges at Sengir with his sword out as he heals some of his wounds. His sword cuts across Sengir's arm leaving a nice
6 damage
gash. Back in the hallway, the wererat fighting Stigley decides that there is strength in numbers, and it leaves Stigley in the hallway and rushes towards the throne room. It sees Dawn and immediately charges at the artificer. She easily avoids his weapon.

Stigley runs into the room after the wererat, but his armor is heavier than what the wererats are wearing, and he isn't able to run as far as the quick lycanthrope.


Vegan moves to get better position and flanks the rat that hadn't been touched yet, as he knows he's not able to go into ranged fighting. His sword connects with the rat. For a moment Slygoth finds himself in a quiet space within the chaos of the battle. He takes the opportunity to rip some material from his ragged clothing and bind his worst wound. Then without pause, he lets out a growl and lashes out at the rat Vegan just hit, but doesn't manage to connect with the rodent.

Suddenly the door at the other end opens. Very little light comes into the already very dark room. Vegan and Slygoth can see a figure move into the room, but they can't tell who it is. Bel lets her eyes adjust to the dim light. The southern end of the room is nearly pitch black, and the northern end isn't better. She sees Vegan and Slygoth surrounded by large rats, some of the two-legged variety. Vegan looks to be on his last leg, but Slygoth doesn't look too badly injured. Even in the darkness Bel recognizes the tattered dress on one of the wererats. She quickly realizes why Addy was in danger from the amnesiac warrior - Addy has been transformed into one of these snarling, feral beasts. And she is attacking her two new comrades.

The wererats are
you lucky ducks. I have been completely forgetting to apply the wererat's regeneration!!
healing. The female wererat, Addy, has the minor injury she sustained vanish. Bel watches as the other wererat boxes Slygoth into the corner, and
9 damage
stabs the warrior with his sword. Addy is weaponless except for the enlarged teeth in her mouth, which she sinks deep into Vegan's
8 damage
arm. A thunderous boom emanates from Vegan, striking Bel's step mother. Vegan is falling to the ground from his injuries, but still manages to swing out at Addy with his magical longsword. It rips across Addy's face and then clatters to the ground next to Vegan's bleeding body.

Addy howls from the pain, and then turns towards Slygoth with the same intent. She moves forward leaving Slygoth with no room to maneuver. The warrior is in serious trouble. The rat next to him snaps at Slygoth, but doesn't manage to bite the fighter. Unable to really get in on the action against Slygoth, and hearing the door open, the badly injured rat charges at Bel and tries to bite the elf from the Black Fens, but she easily avoids the deadly nibble.

Vegan Hybrid (Avenger/Battlemind) (Knight Hospitaler)

Vegan clings to life
Dice Roll: 1d20
d20 Results: 15
death save

Slygoth Einherjer, Human, Fighter

Slygoth's shoulders bump into the wall as he is backed into the corner. At the same time he sees the other figure enter the room in the distance. "More of you vermin, is it? Well, at least now this fight is even!"

With his last word, Slygoth lashes out at the wererat in front of him.

Stat Block

Sengir holds out his holy symbol.

Somewhat shocked by the horror of yet another family member being a monster, Bel is snapped out of it when the rat snaps at her. She yells, "Slygoth, the female is my step mother Addy, shit, can lycanthropy even be reversed? Don't kill her completely!" She has no clue and wishes Dawn were here to advise...

Acting on instinct, she marks the vitals of the rat as she jumps back and puts an arrow into the dire rat. Then she runs closer to the combat.

Upon seeing Vegan is down, she pushes her limits, firing off more arrows at the dire rat pursuing her. One misses and the other nicks the huge vermin. She suddenly wishes she had brought more arrows. Maybe Dawn and Panitari will bring some more. Still, she can resort to melee if means a chance to save Addy. If there is even that chance...

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d10+1z

Panitari focuses on the wererat that is attacking Dawn and tries to
Mind Thrust
attack it mind once again.

Dawn quickly loads her crossbow under the slashing claws of the wererat using Sally as a shield. The creature rakes the crossbow leaving a large gash, angering the young woman.

"Oh, you're going to pay for that!" she says as a thunderous boom erupts from her.

Then Dawn directs her eye closer to their remaining wererat.

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