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Top 3 books or series you discovered for yourself

Originally Posted by noobiegameplayer View Post
I take it no one is mentioning Lord of the Rings ???
It's one of those series that's hard to "discover for yourself" since it's been given so much attention (even popularly, now).

Indeed, I thought the same thing of about half the books people have listed though. . . .

But LOTR is the king of a genre if you discovered that on your own you either were A.) very young or B.) lived in a hole.

His story in fact illustrates the mentor like guidance that has introduced many of us to the classics and is why we cannot claim to have found them for ourselves.

I'd argue that Ceph & PB

I wasn't a reader as I mentioned in my post, it was only my teacher giving me the Hobbit to read (so I didn't discover it for myself), and it was only after reading that which led me onto this J.R.R bloke

There were no LotR movies. Hell, there was NO internet or mobile phones ... so I can probably claim I found LotR for myself (though it was from the Hobbit), so perhaps I can share that claim with Bilbo Baggins ???

The first Terry Pratchett book I read was The Hogfather, I saw it on the shelf at the library and loved the cover. I had never heard of Terry Pratchett beyond starting Good Omens and not liking it much (an error I have since corrected) but I gave it a try. I then read Going Postal and the Wee Free Men and I was inexorably hooked. I've since read and listened to every Terry Pratchett book I could find.

Man I did not stand a chance first one I read was the color of magic. Now I own most of the books and I am just so crazy about those books now.

@ Attikol I'm the same, read Colour of Magic -- now have everything TP has written (including the kids books and the Sci-Fi) ...

Not sure why he's not on my list to be truthfull

Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini (I know there are some that say it suck. Most of the people I personally know that say this are authors who have never finished their books or even been published, so I suspect they are jealous.)

Ranger's Apprentice by John Flanagan (and his companion series Brotherband Chronicles. I saw many self discovered this but it is so good)

Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane (I discovered this in 3rd grade in my school library. My teacher was shocked I understood it perfectly at the age of 9)

Hobbit and L.O.T.R. do not count as my mom lent them to me. (She saved money for like a couple of years to by them in the 70's. She was poor)

@ attikol & noobie: if you enjoyed Pratchett's style of humor, may I suggest seeking out a much lesser-known writer named Toby Frost. His "Space Captain Smith" series would best be described as Pratchettesque-scifi. Very much worth looking for at the local library. I kind of stumbled upon it by accident, and in retrospect should have had it on my top three list.

@ DT Will do mate ... added to my wish list on Da Mazon

Originally Posted by natural19 View Post
Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane (I discovered this in 3rd grade in my school library. My teacher was shocked I understood it perfectly at the age of 9)

Geez. I'm impressed that you'd understand that perfectly at 9. Definitely a more advanced reader than I was.


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