One: Reassignment

One: Reassignment

The World of Terrus, Nessene's Island
Port City of Veyranstown, Early Morning
The 1st Day of Flower's Bloom, 994 N.E.

Time, the fickle mistress that she was, kept to her own motives. Some days, she leapt ahead with heedless energy, and other days she crawled. The night before, Time had moved at an agonizing pace, thanks to where you were. Whether it was their first assignment, a reassignment, or the last assignment, a handful of Watch Patrol members had been given their papers and told to report to Captain Sakfey of the Watch Patrol district headquarters in Veyranstown.

There was a slow drizzle this early in the morning, and the sun, although risen, was struggling to burn through the fog that had rolled in from the harbor. Located in the downtown docks district, the Watch Patrol station that was to be their new office was worn, but kept intact. The outer gates were opened by a patrolman who glanced up, took a look around the street, and then strolled back towards the building.

It was time to start the new day.

The rain and gray sky might have been depressing to other people, but not so for Melanie. She walks briskly to where she was told Captain Sakfey would be waiting. She had not reported directly to Captain Sakfey before. Her brother had a few times-she remembered him mentioning it sometimes during their family dinners-but this would be a new experience for her. It is always exciting to have something new happen with the Gatekeepers. Oftentimes she felt bored with the small tasks that new recruits like herself were given. She understands that they have to start small. It does not change how dull the process is.

She stops in front of headquarters and looks up at them. Melanie nods to herself, clenches a fist with her right arm pumped up, and says to herself, "Right! I'm ready!" She then enters the building to see if she can find the captain.

Entering into the Watch station, Melanie was surprised at how simple it all looked. The outside of the building had been brick, meant to withstand the rigors of time and turmoil, but the inside was sparsely decorated, with whitewashed wood paneling for the walls and ceiling, and utility light crystals hanging from above on iron-link chains. A front desk, manned by an alert secretary who wore the civilian version of the Watch Patrol uniform caught her eye, and past it she could make out the floor of the station house, which was full of desks and chairs and cabinets scooted together into pods. The processing station and jail cells were off to the right down a small hallway, and offices with large glass windows and open blinds circled the floor of the Watch station at the back and to the left.

The secretary looked up, smoothing a lock of her black hair away from her face as she nodded to the young elf. "Can I help you?"

A grim day is not for a grim heart, some say. Mia woke up excited to be finally out of training. She had ended it with high expectation and was eager to start her duty. True, is was Watch Patrol, the most boring post a new member could get but hey, you have to start somewhere.

She started her morning routine with a small thanks prayer to whoever was guidnig her, cleaning herslef and donning her armor with care and pride. It was her family's gift for completing the training and she still was not complelty used to it. It felt still and a bit akward, but she was determined to mold it to her own style.

Buckling her sword at her back, she messed her hair and went down to greet her parents, who were already eating breakfast. After a filling meal, the good wished of her mother and compliments from her father she started her way to the Partol Headquarters, taking some time to greet some shopkeepers and tourists as she was used to.

Finally arriving to the office, she took a deep breath and sqaring her soulders she entered, noting with a smile that she was not the first one "Hello Melanie" she greeted the other woman already there "Sword Agnis reporting for duty, Miss" she said to the secretary, not being able to keep the eagerness from her voice.

"How is Chris doing? I haven't seen him in a while"
she asked Melanie as she waited to be summoned with a concerned frown.

Melanie is about to respond to the secretary, but Mia's arrival causes her to pause. She smiles at her fellow Gatekeeper's question. "Hi, Mia. He's been working as hard as ever. Apparently he got assigned to some different types of missions recently, so that's probably why you two haven't crossed paths." Remembering where she is, Melanie sheepishly turns her attention back to the secretary. "We're here to report to Captain Sakfey."

"Yes, he told me something about changing posts, though I didn't expect it to be this soon" replied Mia thinking. Although younger than Chris by a couple of years, she has always had a soft spot for him, as her training partner and friend.

"So... ready for the first assignment? I relly hope we don't get desk duty"
she commented in a quiet voice, justin case the Captain was within hearing range. Whatever her new duty was she will do it at the best of her capabilities, though she'd rahter be in the streets that tied to a desk doing paperwork.

The secretary checked her log and nodded. "Ah, right. We had orders from Gatehold to expect some transfers and new recruits today. You two must be the first to arrive: There are three others. Captain Sakfey wanted you all to be present before he met with you." The secretary got up from behind the desk and approached the two young women, shaking their hands. "Can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea? I have a little
Think Cranberry
Rakkish juice in the back as well that needs to be polished off soon."

"I'll take that juice, Miss. Thank you" replied Mia shaking her hand with a smile "May I ask your name?"

When the secretary returned, Mia took a few sips of the fresh juice thinking "Miss? I'm just out of training so I'd like to ask... have you been working with Captain Safkey for long? What can we expect from him?" she asked. Every superior was different, some had scolded her for her temper, while others subly encouraged to defend the honor of the sowrds. She didn't like to be unprepared for her first official post and truthfully, she'd rather have a good impression on Captain Safkey. It always helped after when she wuld need to explain herself.

Mia knew that is she wished to enter the Aegis Corps she needed to be stellar here and that is what she planned to do.

Accommodations were passable at best, but she had been used to worse. These were civilian quarters, not the stiff beds of training camp. A value for a few copper. Dendara was reasonably well-rested, and woke with the sun, despite not being able to be seen through the gray skies. Used to waking for training at early hours, she left the inn and strode confidently towards the Watch Patrol office, eager to be provided her first real job in this new career. She snacked on a pouch of fruit and nuts as she walked, waving up at the guard as she entered, flashing him a cheeky smile.

She walks in to the station itself, pushing the door open with her elbow as she finishes off the last few bites and brushes her hands clean to shake the hands of those in the room.

"Hail, brethren. Fine day for a walk. Name's Dendara."

She says the name quickly, accenting each element of the word in succession, "den-da-ra" spoken in the span of a breath, and putting focus on the first syllable. Despite being just in from the rain, the young woman's red hair is stiffly held in place by a pair of wooden pins and a leather band, jutting out behind her in something resembling a sheaf of wheat. It drips almost as easily as her sword does, speaking to some kind of oil in the hair that keeps it firm. Her back is straddled by a heavy sword, with the hilt protruding over her right shoulder. Her face is soft but colorful, and somewhat prominently colored by pigments and dyes on top of her natural appearance, a soft black powder covering much of her eye sockets, almost to make her eyes sink into her face. The deep brown irises focus directly on those in the room as she introduces herself.

She seemed to have walked in just as the secretary was returning with juice, the two women standing together as if they knew each other, if her estimate of body language was any indication. She smirks as she retrieves a glass and pours herself some juice, assuming the offer had already been made. She drinks some, cocking an eyebrow at the others assembled and asking a question, her smile broad and half leaning towards a laugh.

"Please, tell me they didn't assign me to the all-girls-club."

With a brisk walk, almost a jog, Geoffrey strolls towards headquarters. Even the slight drizzle couldn't dampen his spirits. He loves being part of the Watch Patrol and this reassignment only made it more exciting because he didn't know what to expect and he was eager to learn more.

His father had told him about Captain Safkey. Mostly about how he was as a new recruit, hot headed but tough. He knew what he was there for and how to do it well. Geoffrey, or Geoff to those in his company, was eager to learn from the man.

Stopping in from of headquarters he pauses a moment to check his belongs, his armored shirt was straight, his chain coiled up on his belt, etc. Lastly he runs his hand through his rather unkempt hair to brush as much rain off as possible. And with the boyish grin he was known for he enters headquarters.

Briefly taking in his surroundings he sees the three ladies standing off to the side and politely nods to them. If this is my company I have no complaints at all, he says to himself. Knowing no to mingle social interactions with professional he approaches the desk and stands with his hands behind his back, legs shoulder width apart.

With his head held up, face forward, and eyes full with as much pride as a young man his age could muster he says, "Geoffrey Morrison on reassignment from Charlie Seven Company reporting for duty ma'am."


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